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You’ve Earned It ran a Technology survey in July 2023.
The results gave YEI valuable insights 


60-plussers, countrywide, responded to the Technology Survey
with the biggest sample from the age group 61 to 70

All respondents who completed the survey stood a chance to WIN a grocery voucher.

We are very glad to announce that Denise Strydom
won a shopping voucher, compliments of JustSA.

Happy shopping Denise!

The survey revealed the following:


  • 29% of respondents wanted to broaden their digital literacy skills in terms of social media.
    26% wanted to broaden their Internet skills.  23% wanted to improve their basic computer skills. 10% asked for email training.  The balance asked for training in:

    • Word and Excel
    • Video editing
    • Streaming
    • Games
    • Self-publishing
    • Family trees
    • Website design

digital literacy in seniors

  • Most respondents advised that they used Whatsapp groups (31% ) Facebook (28%), YouTube (17%), Instagram (13%), Twitter (6%) and Tiktok (3%).  A wonderful result demonstrating that many 60-plussers are au fait with technology.

Social platforms

  • YEI asked respondents what devices they regularly used. Smart phones came out on top with a laptops and tablets coming a close second. Other devices used on a regular basis were desktop computers and kindles and other e-readers.
  • An overwhelming 94% respondents  indicated that they would love to see a pensioners deal on data or fibre packages.
  • 94% of respondents would like to see more Senior oriented tech support from corporates and businesses.


Come on SA Businesses – we would love to see you support our pensioners
as per their request above!!


Key barriers for seniors and technology

  • The above demonstrate the Top 6 barriers and challenges when it comes to Seniors and technology.
  • Top reasons why 60-plussers use technology are to connect with family, banking online and entertainment. 

  • 94% of those that responded felt that Technology has made them feel less isolated.

Further comments from our readers:

It’s also very difficult dealing with various call centres when doing data deals or tech queries online and apps are not very user friendly to navigate and take too much time.

Classes for seniors – teaching and familiarizing them with new trends and technologies ( it’s growing too rapidly)


The reality for many pensioners is echoed in the following statements:


Seniors should not be left out of loop ….we still have active brains you know…although some other parts are sometimes slower


An interesting survey highlighting South African 60-plussers barriers and challenges and their use of technology.

Have a look at the results of several other surveys that we have run over the course of 2023 and keep an eye out for the rest of our series.

Thank you once again to JustSA for sponsoring this series. 


The Entrepreneurship/Employment survey is currently running for the month of August 2023 and can be found here.


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