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You’ve Earned It/YEI
ran the first of eight surveys in December 2022. 



The topic was Lifestyle.
We looked at certain areas such as Pets, Hobbies, Cars and Caravans. 

Your valuable insights regarding your needs and wants are critical in informing YEI as to what products and services best meet your needs, and how YEI can provide a very relevant service to South African 60-plussers.


Thank you for your keen participation – it was great to read your responses.

We surveyed over 300 respondents, between the ages of 60 and 84, 43% from the Western Cape, 27% from Gauteng, 16% from KZN and the balance from the other provinces.  The survey revealed the following:



  • 53% of respondents own a pet, and 61% have dogs, with 29% owning cats
  • 58% of the survey participants advised that they would like to see more pet related content.
  • 42% said that they buy their pet related supplies at local retailers, with 32% purchasing from pet stores.

  • When it comes to hobbies, gardening, reading and arts and crafts were the most popular categories.  80% of you advised that you would like to see more hobby related content on YEI.
  • There is a broad interest in entertainment such as going to the movies, theatres and musicals, opera, live sport and participation in choirs.  However, going to the movies was the most popular, followed closely by theatre and musicals. Interestingly, this fact is corroborated by the number of entries YEI continues to receive for the ongoing recent Galileo competition  and previous entries for theatre shows and musicals.  Entertainment has opened up in South Africa post-covid – see the latest great theatre give-aways on the WIN with YEI page! 😊
  • My goodness, you are a fit lot of 60-plussers.  53% of you participate in some kind of fitness activity with 40% enjoying walking, and 23 % enjoying exercise/fitness/gym activities.

  • Interestingly, only 24% are involved in volunteer work. 
  • 88% of you own a car with only 12% of you intending to upgrade your car in the near future and the majority will upgrade to a small, economical car.
  • This result came as a surprise – we  assumed this age group would be keen on caravanning, but in this survey, only 5% of respondents said they owned a caravan, and the majority – 82% advised that they were not interested in seeing caravan or camping related content. We do believe that this result may have been different if we had received a larger group of respondents.



The next survey is happening, and related to financial planning.  We urge you to complete the survey on Financial planning – click here to view   

This is an extremely important survey, the results of which we will share in due course.


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  • Lesley Schaper says:

    Yes,I find it really surprising that only 5% of responders own a caravan. My husband and I have been living in our caravan full time since 2019 and we travel to new campsites every 3 months. Owning a caravan in retirement is probably classed as a luxury for most pensioners however we do not own a house so its home for us, by choice. Along the road, we’ve met hundreds of like minded full time caravanners, some who still own homes and some that don’t who all agree that it’s a much less stressful lifestyle. Rental of a camp site is between R2500 and R3500 a month and to save on travel expenses you only travel short distances to each new resort. We have all the comforts of home without the worry and expense. You meet wonderful new people and get to see our beautiful country. Some, like my husband are fortunate enough to find online work to supplement our small pension. So on behalf of all the many permanent caravanners out there, please do include a section on accommodation and camping good specials in your posts and some ideas for at home jobs to supplement pensions would be great too!

    • Angela W says:

      Dear Lesley, we have to admit that we were also surprised at these statistics that came out of our survey as our experience is the same as yours. So thank you for messaging us, we will continue to publish content and specials relevant to caravanners. We would love to hear more about your experiences, would you send us a mail with your contact details as one of the team would love to call you and chat. You can mail us at Kind regards Angela

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