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YEI has teamed up with award-winning journalist, Mariette Snyman, to launch YEI Podcasts.  We have kick-started YEI Podcasts with Mariette Snyman speaking to YEI about the challenges for 60-plussers – please see below.


Challenges of 60plussers 420

You’ve Earned It / YEI Podcasts with Mariette Snyman

Welcome to YEI podcasts! You've Earned It and Mariette Snyman are thrilled you are here!…
August 15, 2023
healthy older couple in the forest
Health and WellnessPodcasts

Understanding functional medicine and its benefits

Functional medicine, an individualised approach that treats not by symptom but by cause, leads to…
March 9, 2023
lets talk digital

Let’s Talk Digital – The Silver Tech Revolution

  There is a perception that that elderly people and technology do not mix well.…
April 5, 2022