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In the YEI Finance page, you can expect to find a broad range of relevant, on-point, informative articles written by financial, wealth, wills, estates subject matter experts and specialists in their industry. You will also find YEI articles, often with a view from subject matter experts. These articles are specifically geared at 60-plussers – retirees, people who may be planning to retire, 60-plussers who are working beyond the retirement age, baby boomers, and pensioners.


wills and testaments

Securing Your Legacy: The Vital Importance of Having a Will for Individuals Over 60

  Life is a journey filled with experiences, accomplishments, and relationships that shape who we…
September 9, 2023
protect your appliances with momentum

Protect your appliances and other valuable possessions from loss or damage with Momentum Insure

Do you remember the last time your lights dimmed? Or when the small appliances in…
August 5, 2023
retired couple round the pool

Your home is a retirement asset

We recently had two clients complete a full cycle with us, borrowing and settling their…
August 4, 2023

Financial wellbeing: What is important to you in retirement, and what can you do about it?

The recent You’ve Earned It Retirement/Financial planning survey confirms that one of the most important…
July 11, 2023
10x investments

Invest with No Fees, No Drama, Just Results

South Africa is currently grappling with a severe cost-of-living crisis and 10X Investments, is taking…
June 6, 2023

Safety Returns – New rewards programme by Momentum Insure

Whether people are upgrading or downsizing, it pays to be safe. With the recent surge…
June 5, 2023
executor of a will

The 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing an Executor

The 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing an Executor Or rather What questions should you…
June 1, 2023
10x investments

Three classic errors retirees should avoid for a drama-free retirement

Many South Africans are under immense financial pressure due to rising prices and interest rates.…
March 12, 2023
10x investment

Will your retirement savings last as long as you do?

Retirement can be associated with a loss of position and authority as working lives end…
March 12, 2023
10 Investments

A pain-free 40% pay rise for retirees

Few retirees realise that the fees they pay on their living annuity could well be…
March 12, 2023
10x investments

Control what you can for a drama-free retirement

10X Investments recently hosted an informative webinar on taking control of your retirement savings to…
March 11, 2023

Ever growing lifespans force us to rethink how we fund retirement

It is barely comprehensible how much life expectancy increased since the Industrial Revolution. It doubled…
January 29, 2023