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“Retiree Reflections” – real, raw and personal
– a series of six videos, sponsored by Just SA,
and hosted by Marilyn Hallett from You’ve Earned It/YEI.

Great insights and advice can really make a difference
to those embarking on a similar journey.

YEI speaks to retirees who are living and learning in their own retirement journeys,
and also speaks to pre-retirees who are planning their journeys.


A delightful, insightful and warm interview with two academics – a retired power couple who are both renowned, distinguished academics in their areas of interest.  Their life’s work has become their passion as is completely evident in this video.  We talk about a tumultuous health event in Professor Evance Kalula’s life and how his wife, Professor Sebastiana Kalula, has managed this catastrophe, and how this event has shaped both their lives.  We talk about ageing, longevity and why it is their moral responsibility NOT to retire in the traditional sense.

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In Video 5 of the Retirees Reflections video series, Professors Evance and Sebastiana Kalula touch on:

  • How they conscientiously planned to save for the third part of their lives, despite a robust university savings programme
  • Their working lives in retirement
  • How they mentally and physically coped with a catastrophic medical challenge
  • Advice from the Queen of Longevity, Ageing and Geriatric Medicine in this country – you’ll want to hear this!


YEI interviews a person who has found his purpose in retirement in absolute spades!  A scientist who has planned conscientiously for his retirement and who is a strong believer in “lifelong learning”.  He is an adventurer, a sports person who has represented South Africa, worked on four continents, loves liqueur making and is a Senior Home Sharer!  Inspiring, energizing and full of sage advice.  C’mon – you need to watch this one!

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In Video 4 of the Retirees Reflections video series, Gerry Norris touches on:

  • How he planned conscientiously for his retirement, and how he keeps his retirement planning up to date in retirement
  • How and why he became a Senior Home Sharer
  • How he mentally and physically managed a catastrophic medical challenge during Covid
  • He talks about his international house-siting experiences
  • His biggest financial challenge to date


YEI interviews a devout follower of The Great Unretirement.  Liz doesn’t believe in the concept of retirement, is financially savvy and has turned her passion into her forever business.  She is an adventurous and curious senior traveller who is absolutely passionate about exploring off the beaten track in China, Asia and Africa.  Liz offers 60plus adventure seekers an unforgettable trip of a lifetime and the adventure of their dreams. 


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In Video 3 of the Retirees Reflections video series, Liz Linsell touches on:

  • Her definition of retirement and why she is a devout follower of The Great Unretirement
  • Her “aha” moment that morphed her passion into a business
  • Her experience of learning a foreign language and how this impacts on her cognitive health
  • Her secret on why she oozes energy and vitality
  • Her biggest financial challenge in retirement and she conquered that


YEI interviews a lady from Johannesburg, who is planning her retirement.  A fascinating interview with a person who is managing a chronic health condition but plotting and planning a retirement that really matters for the ladies in the rural community where she was brought up.  She believes that knowledge is power as you approach and enter retirement, and shares some of that knowledge with you .



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In Video 2 of the Retirees Reflections video series, Mahliki Ndlovu touches on:

  • How her life drastically changed when she received the diagnosis of a life-threatening chronic health condition
  • How she is considering managing healthcare expenses in retirement
  • As a member of the sandwich generation, how she manages life helping children, grandchildren and an elderly parent
  • Her purpose in retirement –  a retirement that involves moving back to her rural community and how she plans to change the lives of women living in the village
  • The importance of managing the risk that she could outlive her savings and investments
  • Her anticipated biggest challenge in retirement, and on the counter side – what she is most excited about.



YEI interviews a couple from Hannasbaai on the West Coast – a couple who have no intention of slowing down in retirement, but are in fact cranking up the pace of life!  They are making it their business to have fun in retirement and experience life like never before!



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In Video 1 of the Retirees Reflections video series, Lyn and Geoff Leader touch on:

  • Taking a leap of faith to relocate from a big city to the West Coast, and the impact it had on them
  • How tough it is having children and grandchildren living abroad
  • Living their best lives in retirement
  • The importance of taking advice from a financial planner and planning one’s retirement
  • How important it is to have no debt going into retirement

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  • Tian says:

    I’ll be retiring soon but are very concerned . A lot has been said about getting a Financial Advisor/Planner to advise on retirement etc. but where in South Africa can a person find an honest f-advisor who will not charge excessive consultation fees , will do follow up visits after retirement & manage my retirement investment’s properly .
    We as retirees have worked for 20-50+ years ,we deserve better than this ,but it’s just mind boggling to hear & read how many retirees are being taken for a ride .

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Tian – thank you for your message detailing your concerns about finding a reputable Financial Advisor. We will ask the sponsors of this Retiree Reflections video series to respond to your message in this forum. In our experience, there are many reputable Financial Advisors out there, but we do understand your concerns on finding the right one.

      Warm regards
      Marilyn, YEI

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Tian, we understand your concerns! Please send us an email at and we can help you find an adviser in your area that will provide you with holistic retirement advice. Please mark the email for the attention of Michelle – and I will assist you further.

    Just SA Marketing Manager

  • Niki Phakoane says:

    Angry pensioner
    Why are we forced to retire at 60 when the government knows that we don’t have our own money and we depend on government grants. Why are their employees special. Most of the are far older than me but are still working. Most of them were not even in the country when we had a difficult life then. I am not fighting with anyone but it is so sad that they know that most of Africans households depend on us. Do they even know that when we started working in the 80s we did not qualify for receiving pension funds and our salaries were next to nothing. I am very angry with the government for making the private sector to kick us out even when they can see that we need to work as we do not have enough pension . Most Africans who started working in the 80s did not qualify for pension. You can interview me and l will put these politicians in shame.

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Niki

      Thank you for posting your thoughts in this forum. I’m not sure in which sector you work, but currently, there is no law in South Africa that specifically states at what age any employee must retire, unless an employment contract specifies a retirement age, or there is a company policy that sets the official retirement age for their specific organisation. The usual retirement age is, of course, between 60 and 65 years which we believe is absolutely ludicrous, given that the majority of 60-plussers are fit and well and have many years of work left in them. Also, there is a major exit of experience, knowledge and skills from the organisation when an employee retires. At YEI, we support the worldwide trend of “The Great Unretirement’, and would welcome a conversation with you. Please contact me on and we can discuss this further.

      Warm regards
      Marilyn Hallett, YEI

  • Anita Daya says:

    Hi Please add me to your distribution lists on email and WhatsApp – thank you

  • kathy says:

    when will video 4 be uploaded. can get it on cell but not laptop??

  • kathy says:

    ooops sorry video 4 is online!!!!

  • Moira Mc Carthy says:

    Hi Marilyn I am 67years young and after taking retirement age 61 I worked as a carer in the UK and here in SA. I have also done house sitting for my daughter’s client. There was mention of a website where one can register to do house sitting. I thought my pension, being subsidised, would carry me through. I’m feeling my age as far as the caring is concerned so am interested in the house sitting. Is it possible to share with me the house sitting platform?
    Kindest regards

    • Marilynh says:

      HI Moira – it was an international housesitting organisation. I seem to recall it was called Trusted Housesitters. Hope that helps.

      Marilyn, YEI

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