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You’ve Earned It ran a Shopping survey in May 2023.
The results gave YEI some insights into
SA 60-plussers shopping habits, plus their needs and wants.


470 60-plussers from all 9 provinces responded to the Shopping Survey.
All respondents who completed the survey stood a chance to WIN a grocery voucher.

We are very glad to announce that Carolyn B from the Eastern Cape
won a shopping voucher, compliments of JustSA.

Happy shopping Carolyn!


The survey revealed the following:


shopping cart in south africa


87% of the 60-plus respondents prefer to select their own baskets and receive a discount on the total than to purchase an already selected basket with several items e.g a bag of tomatoes, a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions.

51% of the respondents said that they shop around for the best prices for everyday items such as bread and milk, while 38% said they go where it is convenient for them.

A whopping 92% said that they prefer to do their shopping in person with only 2% saying that someone else does their shopping for them.


The Top10 shops where Pensioners prefer shopping are: 

top10 shops where pensioners like shopping

with 7% saying that they have no preference and will go where the specials are.


The Top3 preferred on-line websites or apps are:

    • Checkers sixty60
    • Takealot
    • Pick n Pay


older man shopping online 400


60-plussers prefer to use their debit cards and credit cards (81%) over cash (14%) and only 5% preferred using an in-store card for purchases.

61% of respondents prefer going to a mall than stand-alone shops with the following Top10 visited shops in a mall being:

top10 shops in a mall


Top 3 banks preferred by 60-plussers (in descending order)

    • ABSA
    • Standard Bank
    • FNB

54% of 60-plussers surveyed said they would move banks if pensioners were offered a better deal.


older couple clothes shopping


Top 10 preferred big brand clothing stores (in descending order)

    • Pick n Pay clothing
    • Woolworths
    • Miladys
    • Mr Price
    • PEP store
    • Ackermans
    • Mr Price Sport
    • Jet
    • Foschini
    • Truworths

Top3 preferred cellular providers (in descending order)

    • Vodacom
    • MTN
    • Telkom

69% of respondents say that they would move providers, if pensioners were offered a better deal.

Top5 loyalty programs/ cards (in descending order)

loyalty programs in south africa


Top3 preferred pharmacies (in descending order)

    • Dischem
    • Clicks
    • Private Pharmacy (not part of a chain)

94% of respondents said that they are looking for deals to lower the cost of living with the following being the Top10 deals that pensioners are interested in.


  • deals that pensioners are looking for

Further comments from our readers:


Banks do not cater for Senior Citizens who are not IT literate


Food costs are a large and necessary expense.
Food type vouchers and discounts would be appreciated.


It would be nice if there were more grocery deals around as the cost of groceries are getting very high. Also deals for pensioners for coffee shops, etc. as it is too expensive to go out.


What would really be good is if pensioners day was everyday, as it is at Game. Not all pensioners can go out on specific days.


The reality for many pensioners is echoed in the following statements:


Cost of living has escalated out of control. Pensions from 20 years ago has not increased. Hence a struggle with inflation.


I’m really struggling. Living and fuel costs increased sooo much I can’t cope anymore





This was a very interesting survey with the results giving us insight into the needs and wants of the South African senior. Have a look at the results of several other surveys that we have run over the course of 2023 and keep an eye out for the rest of our series.

Thank you once again to JustSA for sponsoring this series. 


The Technology survey is curently running for the month of July 2023 and can be found here.


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  • Mike Walker says:

    The print on your graphs is way too small, we are old and eye sight not so good!

    • Angela W says:

      Dear Mike, thank you for pointing this out to us, we will increase the size for all future graphs, regards, Angela

  • Nanette Miranda says:

    Yes definitely agree with all of this … husband has just retired money ok now but with inflation I am not sure
    …….I pains me to see many pensioners struggling for food not everybody retires with lots of money in the bank . When I see them putting foodstuffs back it really breaks my heart ……….Pensioners Day should be everyday as we have made the base for the generations going forward……more places should offer Pensioners Rates for holidays after a lifetime of working hard we need it

  • William says:

    I totally agree that food prices has sky Rocketted and what I notice is that you pay more now for an item that has reduced in size and weight.Many producers following suit with their products.It do not add up with increased petrol prices.More deals with reputable mechanics for vehicle maintenance and services.A lady pensioner friend of ours car would not start due to car standing for a while.She ended up paying over R6000 to get her car sorted at nearby mechanic workshop.

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