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Tech tims loadshedding tips


With no end in sight to load shedding in South Africa, people are desperate for easy solutions to lessen the impact of these blackouts.

There are so many different solutions available and with the huge costs involved with some solutions, YEI’s Tech Tim had a look at some load shedding solutions that can be implemented quickly and solutions for every pocket.

These top load shedding solutions for your home will help  households to resume some normal activities.


Home Inverter systems

A battery backup solution is a great product to install to counter load shedding. The system consists of an inverter and battery pack to provide power when the lights go out. The system is completely automatic and can be installed in a number of locations.

Depending on the type of inverter, you could use it to power your TV, WiFi, Computer, lights and more. This is however one of the more expensive solutions and may be out of reach for most pensioners pockets.

Solar Power

Whilst the initial cost of installing a solar system isn’t cheap, the benefit of using solar energy is enormous especially in a sunny country like ours. 

Depending on your energy needs and whether you want a system that is completely off-grid or grid-tied the costs will vary. This is unfortunately also one of the most expensive power solution options.


If you don’t have the budget for solar or battery backup, consider gas. You could switch your fireplace out with a gas one or purchase gas lamps at your local hardware. And why not switch out your electric stove for a gas one so you can still cook and boil water for coffee!


Purchasing a generator is also an option, however, this is not an option for the average middle-class home, with typical total costs for such a system amounting to anywhere between R5,000 and R200,000, depending on capacity needs. It is important to determine your needs before purchasing to ensure that you get the generator that will support your energy needs. You also need to remember to keep a steady supply of Diesel available



Here are one of the most cost effective ways to keep your lights on during load shedding. Make sure that the batteries in your torches are still working on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than load shedding hitting and finding out your torches are dead. Dawn W recommends buying torches that have a magnetic base which will allow you to attach them in convenient places round the house for easy access.



This good old fashioned solution is by far the cheapest. Make sure you have a ready supply of candles and matches ready in different places round your home allowing you to light up whenever the lights go out.


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