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Tech Tim looks at the nitty gritty of WhatsApp groups
– what they are and how can they be used


Tech tim


If you use WhatsApp, you are probably already familiar with a WhatsApp Group. It is a place where you chat to multiple people in a group setting. This can be family, friends, the retirement complex you live in, your neighbourhood watch or any like minded group of people with common interests.

These groups are created by one person who will invite you to join the group via a link. If you think the group will be of value to you, then click on the link to accept the invitation. A typical link will look like the following: 

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Messages sent to you from organisations, could look like this

You’ve Earned It/YEI brings you the most up-to-date pensioner discounts, savings and benefits. Follow this link to join our Western Cape WhatsApp group. Add us to your Contacts and then click on this invite

It is up to you to accept or ignore the invitation, depending on your interest in the topic displayed.

It could be that you received the link from a friend or family member.  You may have been forwarded the link as your family member or friend may believe that this group will be of interest to you.  The best way to accept is to add this person onto your contacts list (if they are not already on your contact list),  and then accept the invitation.


What to do if  the WhatsApp Group information is of no interest to you,
or you do not have the time to look through the messages? 


There are two choices: 


  1. You can mute the group. This will allow you to still have access to the information but you won’t be bothered by the constant “pinging” of your phone as people chat back and forth.
    You can mute a group by clicking on the Group image or Info and then looking for the button “Mute notifications” You will be given the opportunity to mute for 8 hours, 1 week or always. You can always unmute yourself in the same way. 
    Please note:
    There are 2 types of groups – those for open discussion and those that only allow the Admins to post and have a “No comment” filter activated.  This is so group members do not get annoyed by a myriad of comments after something is posted.
    The YEI WhatsApp Groups are “no comment” groups.
  2. You can leave the group. Remember that you can then only re-join the group by invitation or by messaging the Admin and requesting re-admittance.
    You are able to exit a group by  clicking on the Group image or Info and then looking for the button “Exit group”

Further useful information about Whatsapp Groups


  1. WhatsApp Groups do have a user limit. You are allowed to have up to 256 people in a WhatsApp Group.  Should the group you wish to join be full, contact the Admin by message and ask to be included in another region-specific group with similar or same interests.
  2. You remember that you saw a message or image, but cannot find it on your phone. You can search for it by clicking on Group Name and then Group media.
  3. You can also search for a specific word, for instance you remember someone posted about chicken being sold. You can search for it by clicking on Group Name and then search and then “chicken”. This will bring up any topics or comments with this word in it.


Tech Tim will discuss this topic in more detail in future articles.
Tech Tim will also guide you on how to set up a Group, how to assign Group admins, how to make group calls, how to setup custom notifications, how to invite a friend and much more..


You’ve Earned It has launched an exciting new initiative which you can now join.   YEI has been running a WhatsApp Group pilot project.  The response to date has been very positive.


If you would like to join one of these groups then please click on the group for your region:


North West:

Free State:

Western Cape:

Eastern Cape:




Northern Cape:


Please note that due to Whatsapp Group sizes, these groups may fill up quickly.  If this happens to you, please contact us on 060 631 0715  or mail us at and we will add you to a specific group.  Please supply us with your full name, email address, cell phone number, physical address and province.  Please note that due to the high amount of messages received daily, there may be a slight delay in adding you to a group.  Please also note that these groups are run strictly during office hours.  


If you have a question for Tech Tim or for YEI on the WhatsApp groups,
please complete the form below.

Please note that “Tech Tim” cannot supply immediate or 24/7 assistance.
If you are urgently needing assistance,
please contact an IT company in your area
or contact your children or grandchildren who may be able to assist



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