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The YEI team would like to introduce you to Tech Tim,
who  will be showcasing YEI’s Tech Tips for SA seniors

Tech Tim’s first tip is all about font size


Tech Tim 1200


A YEI member, Lucy Centlivres, asked YEI to increase its font size

“PLEASE…………your print size is too small for us oldies…………”



YEI’s Tech Tips

Solutions:  How to make the font size
bigger on your computer or tablet


Easy solution:


Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and then press the plus (+) key to make on-screen text larger or the minus/hyphen (-) key to make on-screen text smaller. You can continue to press either of the two keys to adjust the text size to your liking


Advanced solution:


To change your display in Windows 10, select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Display.To make only the text on your screen larger, adjust the slider under Make text bigger. To make everything larger, including images and apps, choose an option from the drop-down menu under Make everything bigger


How to make the font size bigger on your android device:


We have found this tutorial on You Tube which is very helpful for setting the text size on your android device




If you have a question for Tech Tim, please complete the form below.


Please note that “Tech Tim” cannot supply immediate or 24/7 assistance.
If you are urgently needing assistance,
please contact an IT company in your area
or contact your children or grandchildren who may be able to assist




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