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Here are the winners of the
YEI Pensioners of the Month awards
and their lovely stories


Winners Pensioner of the month 1200


September winner:  Jennifer Roberts


Jenny was nominated by her friend,
Thandi Nxumalo, who had this to say:

I nominate Jennifer Roberts, the Pensioner who has tirelesssly reached out to the needy people despite her pension fund being highly taxed.  She is an amazing woman who makes sure the destitutes are fed.


YEI:  Jenny!  Congratulations!
Thank you SO very much for making such a difference
in so many peoples’ lives!
You are a superstar!
Congratulations for winning
the September Pensioner of the Month award!!


August winner:  Visvanathan Pillay


Visvanathan Pillay is a card carrying organ donor. 

I donated 198 units of blood. Each unit saves 3 lives.


YEI:  Visvanathan!  Congratulations!
Thank you SO very much for making such a difference
in so many peoples’ lives!
You are a superstar!
Congratulations for winning
the August Pensioner of the Month award!!


July winner:  Valerie Keuning


Valerie Keuning


I am nominating my mom, 80 year old Valerie Keuning….mother of 7 children, grandmother of 17 grandchildren and great grandmother to 3 with another on the way. She is too humble to nominate herself. She is an amazing lady who always thinks of others before herself. Even with failing eyesight, she carefully knitted about 100 beanies for newborns and toddlers through the first months of lockdown 2020, and donated these where needed. She unfailingly checks in on family members, neighbours and friends, day by day and week by week. She assists a 40 year old lady who is trying to improve her life by studying further. Mom helps boost her confidence by checking her assignments each week, as English is a challenge for her. There is so much more to add about my mom proving that being a pensioner, even with some challenging health conditions, does not mean you can’t continue to make a difference! Mom does this in small quiet often unnoticed ways each day. She is a gem and a stalwart of our family! Pensioner of the month yes!! Pensioner of the year indeed! And more than that, the special Pensioner matriarch of our family! 


YEI:  Valerie!  Congratulations!
We are so thrilled that your daughter nominated you!
Thank you SO very much for making a difference in so many peoples’ lives!
You are a superstar!
Congratulations for winning
the July Pensioner of the Month award!!


June winner:  Val Tweedie


Gran challenge


Val Tweedie responded to the challenge – here is her story:

When I saw your FB post dated 6 May, I knew I had to take up the challenge – I have always been one for a dare!   The 12th June 2021 was our 50th Wedding anniversary and the perfect time to celebrate by dyeing my hair.

I made all the arrangements and waited for Friday 11th June.  The only people in the know were – my daughter and the hairdresser.  It was so exciting. I usually only have a cut, which takes 30 minutes.  However,  I told my husband, who dropped me off, that I would be about 2 hours, and he didn’t even question it!

Tina, my daughter and I had such fun choosing the colours. The result was perfect and I was so excited to see everyone’s reaction. My husband, daughter, youngest son and grandson’s reactions were all extremely positive. My 9 year old granddaughter was so sweet, she said, “I have such a cool Granny! Can you fetch me from school one day so I can show all my friends?”. All my friends raved about it.

In the end, I believe the only person whose opinion really matters is my own,
and as you can tell, I love it!


Val Tweedie

Val Tweedie – this photo was taken at the restaurant
during her 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner celebrations.


YEI:  Way to go, Val!
Your hair looks awesome!
Congratulations for winning
the June Pensioner of the Month award!!


A big thank you goes to our sponsors, Just SA,
who have contributed the prizes for
the YEI Pensioner of the Month


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