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Your retirement income specialist

We offer an innovative range of lifetime income that provides a sustainable income in retirement. As an insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.


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Our latest Retirement Insights study revealed that South African retirees don’t want to gamble on their retirement savings


  • The research shows a 25% increase in the number of people less willing to take risks with their money for saving or investment purposes
  • The percentage of respondents who now set goals and are planning for their financial future is up by 10% from 2019
  • Only two fifths are confident that their retirement savings will last

The pandemic has heightened risk awareness and increased the need for certainty as well as flexibility for South Africans in or approaching retirement in the time of COVID-19.

These are often seen as two opposing ideals, but retirement products have evolved. Choices are no longer limited to an investment product (a living annuity) or an insurance product (a guaranteed life annuity).


Our retirement income options provide guaranteed, regular post-retirement monthly payments

Traditionally there have been two main types of annuities to choose from to provide a monthly income in retirement: a life annuity or a living annuity.

In simple terms, a life annuity provides a guaranteed income for life regardless of market conditions or how long you live.

A living annuity also provides a monthly income, but it is not guaranteed for life as it is largely dependent on an investment strategy to balance market performance with the amount of income you draw each year.

There is also a third type of annuity, one that blends the advantages of living and life annuities. A blended annuity is a relatively new option and caters for retirees who want a combination of the flexibility that living annuities offer, and the peace of mind and security that life annuities offer.


We offer a specialist range of lifetime income to help you make the most of your financial retirement resources

Lifetime income is a post-retirement monthly payment that provides a guaranteed and stable income in retirement. The income will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live. The annual increase in income depends on the income option you select.


Our flagship annuity, Just Lifetime Income is accessible as a standalone life annuity or as a lifetime income portfolio in a blended living annuity


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