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The YEI Pensioner of the Month award goes to…..
Tarantara….  Val Tweedie!  

We love Val Tweedie’s  story, and here’s why….


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On 6 May 2021,
YEI put out a challenge on the YEI Facebook page


Gran challenge



Val Tweedie responded to the challenge – here is her story:


When I saw your FB post dated 6 May, I knew I had to take up the challenge – I have always been one for a dare!   The 12th June 2021 was our 50th Wedding anniversary and the perfect time to celebrate by dyeing my hair.


I made all the arrangements and waited for Friday 11th June.  The only people in the know were – my daughter and the hairdresser.  It was so exciting. I usually only have a cut, which takes 30 minutes.  However,  I told my husband, who dropped me off, that I would be about 2 hours,
and he didn’t even question it!


Tina, my daughter and I had such fun choosing the colours. The result was perfect and I was so excited to see everyone’s reaction. My husband, daughter, youngest son and grandson’s reactions were all extremely positive. My 9 year old granddaughter was so sweet, she said, “I have such a cool Granny! Can you fetch me from school one day so I can show all my friends?”. All my friends raved about it.


In the end, I believe the only person whose opinion really matters is my own,
and as you can tell, I love it!


Val Tweedie


Val Tweedie – this photo was taken at the restaurant
during her 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner celebrations.


YEI:  Way to go, Val!
Your hair looks awesome!
And, we are chuffed that you took YEI up on the challenge!

Congratulations for winning
the Pensioner of the Month award!!



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