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If you are 60 years or older and have a valid South African ID, you’re in for a real treat with CapeNature’s Senior Citizen Discount perk. The all year 30% discount allows senior citizens accessible travel to all CapeNature reserves, which spans from the West Coast to the Winelands, Overberg, Garden Route and the Klein Karoo.

In recent years, businesses have been forced to adapt to a new way of thinking in terms of reaching and appealing to their target audience. According to customer intelligence agency Buxton, the tourism sector has been no exception to this, with 82% of baby boomers spending more money on products and services designed to keep them young.  

Seniors are also not lagging in the digital age with more than 70% of them active on Facebook, accounting for a significant market segment on social media. At the height of their curiosity, golden agers are looking for new experiences and ways to spend a well-deserved retirement.

According to CapeNature’s CEO, Dr Razeena Omar, “Senior citizens have a significant impact on industries like housing, travel and retail sales and, in fact, many seniors still work full or part-time. This points towards a trend that they are still actively searching for deals on holidays and alike. We encourage senior citizens to celebrate the golden years with the magic of nature.”

Many senior citizens are in search of cost-effective vacations at locations offering a place of sanctuary. With reserves ranging from rich cultural experiences to absolute relaxation, our sixty plus visitors are truly spoilt for choice with the discounted offer. Being able to visit these nature reserves allows for a strong sense of adventure whilst serving as an opportunity meet new people from all walks of life.

Not only are CapeNature reserves catered towards a peaceful getaway, but they are also multifaceted and offer a wide array of easy-going experiences which all contribute towards physical, mental, and social well-being opportunities. Our senior-friendly accommodation allows for universal access at selected reserves, making one’s stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Fortunately, the Western Cape has plenty to see and discover which enriches traveling that much more during the golden years. The Cederberg Wilderness Area is one of the most undisturbed and secluded places in South Africa and is world famous for its wild and rugged landscapes.




If you’d like to explore the Southern Cape, the Grootvadersbosch forest is perfect for resting tired feet in utmost comfort and luxury at the reserve’s glamping sites. To make things even easier, glamping sites are only a stone throw away from the forest. This part of the Garden Route boasts some of the widest and rarest varieties of plants.

If you’re near the West Coast, check in at the breath-taking Rocherpan Nature Reserve where you will be able to count up to 183 different bird species without stepping off your cabin’s deck. The reserve and its surrounding towns also provide a host of fun and easy activities such as putt-putt, swimming, angling, and light to medium mountain biking trails. When it’s all said and done, Rocherpan also has two picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Gamkaberg is one for the bucket list if you are a fan of natural and cultural history. Situated in the heart of the Cape Karoo, the reserve contains a deeply rich yet sad history of the extinct Cape lion, only to be redeemed by the rehabilitation of the Cape Mountain zebra. Gamkaberg also prides itself on its unique set of 4×4 trails, perfect for senior citizens who want to experience all the reserve has to offer.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve is currently our fan favourite location with the addition of the Mbali eco-cabins, each fitted with glass-fronted views offering breath-taking scenery of the Palmiet River Valley. Throughout the years, the reserve’s Oudebosch cabins have also proved to be a favourite for senior citizens for their luxurious design layout and the wheelchair access provided at two of the cabins. Each cabin is also fitted with a geyser for you to ease any aches and pains under hot water after a long day of exploring. Activities include birdwatching, walking and hiking, mountain biking, and swimming.

Lastly, Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve with its picturesque picnic setting and light walk-in lush greenery surrounded by the Stellenbosch mountains has always been a firm favourite with the local seniors.

For more information on CapeNature’s current Senior Citizen promotion click here.

Cape Nature

Terms and Conditions of 30% seniors’ discount:


  • CapeNature allows senior citizens 30% off all self-catering and camping facilities
  • This discount applies to everyone age 60 and up
  • This discount is applicable from Monday to Sunday throughout the year, EXCLUDING Easter school holidays (including Easter weekend) and December/January school holidays
  • The discount on normal tariffs will only apply if the qualifying senior citizen makes the booking in their name
  • The discount will only apply if the client books via our call centre or through the online booking portal.
  • Offer only valid to South African residents in possession of a valid SA ID
  • Only one (1) unit per person or couple will be considered for the discount
  • Senior citizen discounts is available to reservations made through the call centre as well as the online booking portal.
  • To ensure you qualify for the discount, contact our call centre directly on 087 087 8250 to secure your booking
  • Ensure that you request the discount when you make your booking as discounts cannot be calculated after the booking has been confirmed
  • All rates are subject to availability
  • Conservation Fees: All visitors to CapeNature Reserves pay a daily conservation fee when accessing the nature reserves. These conservation fees are paid in advance with your reservation. Visitors with a valid Wild Card are exempted from the daily conservation fee

Please refer to CapeNature’s Standard Booking Terms and Conditions for all other details.  If you have any enquiries, please email


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