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Medicinal cannabis

In the past, cannabis was associated with people illegally smoking pot. Today, medicinal cannabis is bringing much wanted relief to thousands who have suffered unnecessarily and are wanting a better quality of life.


Since September 2018 when the ban on cannabis was lifted in South Africa, people suffering from certain conditions have welcomed the relief medicinal cannabis has offered them.

Kelly* suffered from high stress and anxiety, leaving her feeling depressed, irritable and not able to sleep at night. She was treated with cannabis oil – starting low and going slow – and within four week’s noticed a significant improvement in the quality of her life  and her mood, with no side effects. Before considering medicinal cannabis, it is important to understand the choice you are making.

First off, medicinal cannabis is not a cure. It is used to relieve symptoms associated with a wide variety of diseases. It can make you feel better, it can even improve the quality of your life but it is not a curative treatment.

Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg, chief medical officer for Introcann explains: “Medicinal cannabis is a medicine directly derived from the cannabis plant. These medicines are prepared in pharmaceutical facilities under strict conditions to contain very specific quantities of naturally occuring cannabinoids like THC and CBD as well as other plant constituents. When these are combined correctly, they have a beneficial medicinal effetc on the body.”

Read more about conditions that can be treated with medicinal cannabis, and the difference between over-the-counter and prescription treatment.



*Name withheld for privacy
(Original article appeared in the Clicks club card Issue 4/2022 written by Kendra Hunt. Click here to read the issue)


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