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Calling all experienced teachers! 

Educators who are available to work from home as tutor teachers for 4-6 hours per week, per grade, per subject, are being sought for paid positions


50 plus skills


The vision for 50plus-skills is to build a community of healthy people over 50 who want to continue to learn, earn and serve. As a collective group we have skills, wisdom and experience and can engage with different parts of the South African landscape to help support and build the economy.

Longevity and technology have changed the way this group need to understand the future. There are many opportunities if you have a growth mindset and are keen to stay connected and involved.

We now have an opportunity to do so in the education sector. We are working with one of the private national school groups who need a large group of educators who can work from home as tutor teachers for 4-6 hours per week per grade per subject. It could be more, depending on the grades and classes you are allocated. These are paid positions.

The first thing you need to do is to be sure this is something you would like to commit to. This is not a short-term solution, just during COVID 19. It is innovation spurred on by the current world we find ourselves in.

The Grades and subject that will be addressed are as follows:

Grades Subject
4-6 Home Language
First Additional Language – Afrikaans
Natural Sciences
Social science
Life skills
Creative Arts
Physical Education
7-9 Home Language English
Additional Language Afrikaans
Natural Science
Social Sciences
Life Orientation
Arts & Culture
IT Computers


All resources will be supplied, and the learners will work independently for most of the time. The tutor teacher will engage in small groups of around 10 learners in live online sessions to assist the children with understanding and to encourage engagement and discussion. The tutor will also be doing the marking for the subject.

This is a wonderful opportunity to keep using your skills and to take on an income stream as part of this next season of life.

If you are digitally literate, qualified and interested please send a detailed CV, including the grades and subjects you are interested in, all in one pdf document. These should be sent to Please wait to hear from the service provider who is currently in the process of designing this model. It will be rolled out soon.


We encourage you to join 50plus-skills
as a paid member via our website to learn, earn and serve.

The cost is R50 per month or R500 per year
and registration is done via our website.


50 plus skills


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