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You’ve Earned It / YEI is conducting a series of Surveys
over a period of a few months.
We are delighted that Just SA is on board as our sponsor.


This survey is to find out more about your Shopping Habits, and will close on Friday 26 May 2023


Your valuable insights regarding your needs and wants are critical in informing us as to what products and services best meet your needs, and how YEI can provide a more relevant service to YEI readers. The credible information you provide will assist YEI to more ably persuade corporates and organisations to provide a saving, benefit or offer to 60-plussers. 

Please participate in this survey, which will take 5 minutes of your time, and help YEI to better understand your needs. We will request that you provide us with some personal information that will enhance the survey and will only be used for research purposes. Personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of YEI. We will process the information strictly in accordance with your rights in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

By taking part in the You’ve Earned It/Survey series, you will automatically be entered into the lucky draw to win a R 300 grocery voucher. The draw will take place each month a Survey is run. Be sure to look out for the link to the month’s surveys in each YEI newsletter.



T’s and C’s

  • The winner will be contacted directly by YEI, via phone and/or email.
  • The prize – a R300 grocery voucher, will be emailed to the winner.
  • The name of the winner will be announced on the YEI platform – YEI newsletter, the YEI website and on the YEI Facebook page, and Just SA social media.
  • Please note that should you choose not to include your name, surname, email address and cell phone number, YEI will be unable to enter you into the draw for the R300 grocery voucher, as we will not be able to get in touch with you.
  • No correspondence will be entered into with entrants of competitions.
  • By entering this competition, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions

By agreeing to the above T’s and C’s, it is tacitly implied that you agree to all of the above, including consenting to your personal data being collected and stored.


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CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: An insight into the Health and Wellness of South African over-60s

Survey sponsored by Just SA

Just is a retirement income specialist. We offer an innovative range of lifetime income that provides a sustainable income in retirement. As a long-term insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.

Just Retirement Life (South Africa) Limited is a registered life insurance company, regulated by the Prudential Authority of the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority as an authorised financial services provider (FSP no. 46423). We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Just Group plc, one of the UK’s leading providers of retirement financial solutions. 

To find out more, visit


just SA


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  • Mary Ann Deysel says:

    I enjoy being part of group that looked out for our seniors. Every thing is so expensive.

    • Angela W says:

      Dear Mary Ann, Thank you for your kind comment. We agree that everything is just becoming more expensive for everyone but for pensioners who are on fixed incomes the impact is huge!! We are working hard to source discounts to try and make seniors lives easier on a day-to-day basis. Kind regards, Angela (YEI team)

  • Mike says:

    Great interaction with YE enjoy all the info from various avenues.Great to have a look out for the seniors of the world.

    • Angela W says:

      Dear Mike, thank you so much, the team appreciates your comment, it keeps us motivated to keep on trying to get deals for you the S.A senior!! Regards, Angela, YEI Manager

  • Bev says:

    Cannot wait for next post. Are our fashion needs taken into consideration.
    A big definite NO.
    All the retailers think we’re all built the Chinese way. No, we also do need big sizes.
    Thank you

    • Angela W says:

      Dear Bev, Thanks for your message, we totally agree with you. It is increasingly difficult for normal sized people to get clothes to fit us and that are fashionable as well.

  • Madelyn Van Zyl says:

    Vouchers will be nice!

    • Angela W says:

      We totally agree and will be working hard to get vouchers from retailers for our readers. Kind regards, Angela (YEI manager)

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