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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 10 March 2021

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A big welcome from the You’ve Earned It team. 

YEI is the digital media platform
for South African 60-plussers. 

In this issue, we bring you an “all-sorts” of YEI News.
We invite you to dip in and enjoy all of the articles, news, competition, budget news (lots for seniors), great savings and deals and so much more..


Editors desk


Message from the YEI Editor 

One of YEI’s most important projects this year is to tackle, in partnership with another platform, the area of digital communication.  You have seen how in the last year, it has become increasingly important for seniors to be able to use internet-based services – for health reasons, education, finance etc.  It has become critical for seniors to either acquire or improve their digital literacy skills especially if you want to access information, stay socially connected and to be able to perform everyday tasks such as shopping, banking and travelling.  And so we at YEI, invite you on the start of this journey, to come and learn how to use Zoom, and if you are ahead of the game, and know how to use zoom, to come and practice your Zoom skills on YEI!  And if you don’t need to practice your Zoom skills, then just come for the fun of it!  Come and meet the YEI team and let us know what you would like to see on YEI in the future.   We look forward to meeting you.  You can sign up right now, at no cost, here.

In the last issue, YEI featured a DStv offer.  Unfortunately, several YEI members were unable to access the DStv offer.  YEI took the decision to take the offer down off the platform.  We are currently in liaison with MultiChoice/DStv who have come up with a solution that will benefit seniors.  As soon as this is ready, and YEI is happy with the assistance that our senior audience will receive from DStv, we will showcase the offer again.  Watch this space!  😊

Happy Reading!!

Warm regards
Marilyn and the YEI Team


Letters to the Editor

We would like your opinion please. A YEI member has written in to us with the following enquiry. We would like to get a sense of whether or not this is something that might interest our members:

“Since Covid19 happened we single seniors have become increasingly lonely and depressed not being able to go out and communicate and everyone living in fear of the virus. Could you possibly think of creating an online platform for us to communicate to other seniors but not on FaceBook please. Just an ordinary website where we can meet and chat for the 50 plussers”

Your thoughts in the comments section below, please..


Reviews on YEI and the YEI Facebook page

Thank you for your wonderful newsletters!  Really love reading them

If you would like to post a review on the YEI Facebook page, these are the steps to follow:

  • Click here to go directly to the You’ve Earned It – Reviews page –
  • You will see a box saying – Would you recommend You’ve Earned It – Pensioner discounts, deals and benefits?
  • If you would like to recommend YEI, you click on “Yes”
  • A pop up box will appear saying “What do you recommend about YEI..?”
  • You simply write your recommendation in this box
  • Then click “Post”
  • Your own individual recommendation will appear on the YEI Facebook page.


YEI Competition Winners 

WINNER:  The West Coast – from Melkbos to the Orange River

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the book – The West Coast – from Melkbos to the Orange River – is  Karin Jacobs from Hermanus.  Congratulations Karen! This is a truly lovely prize to win!  Thank you to Penguin Random House/Struik Nature for providing this awesome prize!


YEI’s online book reviews

Click here to read the online book reviews on YEI! 


Three  interesting posts on the YEI Facebook page.  

Country singer Dolly Parton, 75, who donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University to help find a cure for the virus had her vaccination shot on Tuesday. “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,” Parton sang. “I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate.”  Have you signed up for your vaccination yet?  Click here to view.

A letter written over 77 years ago by a World War II veteran has finally made its way home to his family. Bill Caldwell was a little over 18 years old when he joined England’s Royal Navy. During his first week of training, he sent a postcard to his family back home. The note was addressed to Mr Caldwell’s “Uncle Fred” and was postmarked 1943 with a stamp saying: “Post early in the day.”  Click here to read more..

Do you know what an “Em” is?  Click here to read more…

  • Please note that you will only be able to connect on the above links if you are a Facebook user.


Interesting news for senior citizens 

Researchers find anti-stress drugs can stop breast cancer spreading.
Click here to read the article

Thinking positive: Scientists gaining good results for brain cancer
Click here to read the article

How to improve poor circulation in the feet.
Click here to read the article


From the light side…





 Until next month…  Stay safe, stay at home and please keep well. 


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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