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We have another great newsletter this November filled with articles and Great Deals for seniors.

In this newsletter we look at Glamping in South Africa, 2024 tours with Hola Tourism Network, bring you some great deals including our 3 Hot off the press businesses offering you a great deal and once again bring you some great Competitions

We also have a look at the recent UCT study which had a look at the over 55-year-old market in South Africa and how they relate to their shifting outlooks and much much more…….

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Over-55s are rewriting the script

YEI attended the UCT Liberty Institute of Strategic Marketing’s presentation of their latest research report titled The  Forerunner Report on 27 October 2023.  The report details how this generation of Over-55s is rewriting the script.

The research findings were music to our ears in that much of what YEI has researched in its recent survey series lent credence and credibility to YEI’s findings.  It was wonderful to see that many of the articles researched and written by YEI and its partners, plus the offers we feature to our audience are actually on-point, and as one partner suggested – becoming more centre-stage.  We hope that more organisations will now understand the importance of the 55/60plus market and consider them for their future marketing campaigns.   To those partners and advertisers who are already committed and understand the importance of this market – we thank you. 

The survey series that YEI conducted earlier this year, sponsored by Just SA, has culminated in a document titled the You’ve Earned It/YEI Guide to the South African 60-plus consumer.  This is in the throes of being completed, and it is, as far as we understand, the first of its kind in this country.  Many of the findings in the survey series are very much in sync with the findings detailed in The Forerunner Report, and the timing of this document is therefore spot-on. A diverse tsunami of 60-plussers make up a vibrant 55/60-plus market.   

The Forerunner Report details facts such as the spending power of over 55s in South Africa surpassing R600 billion.  This market holds the purse strings like no other, and yet marketers often tend to overlook them.  Worldwide, and South Africa is no different, we are living in what is termed a Longevity economy.  South African 60-plussers are enjoying prolonged health and lifespans, and continue to disrupt traditional life stage models.

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Mail and Guardian article 

If you are a Mail and Guardian subscriber, then we highly recommend the reading of the following article.  The YEI Editor is quoted in this article. 

Middle-class South Africans reject traditional retirement


YEI’s review – Enjoy a movie – under the stars – with Galileo Open Air Cinema

My first experience of the Galileo Open Air Cinema last night was absolutely fabulous, other than the weather, which was chilly to say the least! But we were prepared with jerseys, anoraks and courtesy of blankets from the organisers. What a wonderful experience! The Galileo crew were so attentive, friendly, helpful and chatty – so unexpectedly nice to receive this kind of treatment at an event. Kudos to all of the Galileo crew! The movie was first-class – one we hadn’t seen before – Whitney Houston’s life story “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. A perfect night out, catered for by many different vendors, so although it’s fun to take a picnic, the choice on offer was varied and looked really nice! Kirstenbosch Gardens has to be the perfect venue for an event such as this, and despite the cold, it was so relaxing to look up at the mountain, see the birds, watch the stars – we even saw a shooting star, so that was a bonus! A huge word of thanks to the Galileo team for arranging such a great event and thoroughly enjoyed! Don’t forget to enter the Galileo competition at  and if you’re not a winner, then we highly recommend that you book tickets (pensioner discounts!) for an unforgettable night out. Venues all over Cape Town – from Kirstenbosch Garden to the Cape Winelands and Century City in between.
Marilyn from YEI


TAFTA – Soiree success

In celebration of their 65th year of advocating for and responding to the needs of older people – The Association for The Aged (TAFTA) hosted a Spectacular Sapphire Soirée at the Durban Jewish Club on Friday, 27 October.

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The World of Seniors – news and views from around the world

Interesting news items and articles from around the World and South Africa especially for our YEI senior audience

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