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Greetings from the You’ve Earned It team this May!   

In this issue, we bring you a variety of articles, news, views,
plus great savings and deals and more..


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Greetings YEI members 

We trust you are all keeping safe and warm as we rapidly head into winter. In this edition of our Newsletter we look at five ways to boost your immunity; how to stretch your electricity budget this winter and more.


YEI News

The YEI team share their “snippets” of information for all those wanting to apply for the Older Persons Social Grant.
Click here to see the first two of these “SASSA snippets”

Do you know who the oldest people in the world are? 

Click here to read who they are and also What’s happening in the World of Seniors in our post “Interesting news items and articles for our YEI senior audience“.


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You’ve Earned It/YEI has launched the highly successful YEI WhatsApp Group programme.  Sign up for the WhatsApp group in your province,  and you will be one of the first to hear about hot-off-the-press YEI offerings, news, views and fabulous articles specifically geared at SA 60-plussers.  If you would like to join one of the YEI WhatsApp Groups – all you need to do is to click on the relevant province link below:


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Certain servers may see references about discounts, savings, benefits and great deals as spam.   We recommend that you add (the YEI email address) to your address book in order to ensure receipt of the YEI free fortnightly newsletter.   In addition, you can write to your server and ask them to whitelist the YEI email address. This has to come from you – servers will only whitelist a domain if it is requested by one of their customers.


YEI’s online book reviews 

Click here to read the online book reviews on YEI


YEI What’s On 

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Favourites on the YEI Facebook page

YEI  celebrated all our Public Holidays by asking Facebook fans for their favourite Braai sides. What do you enjoy eating with a braai?
Click here

This proved a popular post with our Fans. The question was “Do you inspect your carton of eggs before purchasing them”
Some really good tips were picked up here
Click here

The Afrikaans word “voetstoots” was discussed by our readers in this post with one of our readers “Chris O” suggesting that Voetstoots be incorporated into our marriage vows  See the source image What do you think?
Click here


Favourites on the YEI page

Rain Farm Game and Lodge, KZN
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Click here

Clicks Seniors Club
Click here


Rest In Peace

Best selling author Jack Higgins died aged 92
Click here to read more.

nd lastly….

YEI loves to bring you pensioner deals, savings and benefits!  The YEI team has been hard at work putting together a selection of Deals and specials for Pensioners   Something for everyone!    I’m sure you will agree – every little bit helps when it comes to saving your hard-earned pension.    

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Keep well, keep healthy, keep safe.  Until the next time..


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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