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Greetings YEI members

We are now in the last half of 2023, where did the year go?

The team at YEI have put together a really great newsletter this July for you and we are sure that you are going to love reading it!


Our Technology survey will give us an insight into what you want as a S.A senior and one of you stand the chance to WIN a grocery voucher just by completing it.

We give you some eye health and lifestyle tips to keep you driving longer, release the results of our Shopping survey, chat to David Lopes, founder of the 50 000 strong Pensioners Forum & Deals Facebook group and look at one of the reasons for stress in Seniors.   Plus we give you the chance to WIN a set of 10 tickets to see a show of your choice at The Barnyard Theatre and for Gauteng YEI members to WIN tickets to see Belinda Davids in the show “The Greatest love of all”.

Did you know?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global population of people aged 60 and older will surge from 605 million to two billion between 2000 and 2050. In South Africa, the number of older persons (60 years and over) is expected to increase from 3.28 million (as reported by the 2001 census) to 5.23 million in 2025.

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The World of Seniors – news and views from around the world


Interesting news items and articles from around the World especially for our YEI senior audience

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YEI Book review

Christmas might seem like months away, but here’s a book (The buck that buries its poo) that you can buy and store away as a Christmas present for the person in your life who enjoys fascinating information and fun trivia and who is a wildlife enthusiast and/or lover of the busy.  A book that dispels countless myths and answers many intriguing wildlife questions.  Questions like:

  • Is a zebra black with white stripes, or could it be white with black stripes?
  • Do sharks die if they stop swimming?
  • Why do bats hang upside down?
  • What’s up with the flamingo’s one-legged stance?
  • Is it fact or myth that chameleon’s change colour to camouflage themselves?

Take a look at our Book reviews here 


Have a look at this Newsletter  here


Keep well and keep safe. 

Kind regards,
The YEI Team


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