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It is critical that 60-plussers are connected and tech-savvy.  Despite the fact that baby boomers were at the forefront of inventing the technology we use today, technology moves forward at a furious rate, and many 60-plussers are struggling to keep up.


13 tech tips for seniors

Skype, google, whatsapp, zoom, apps, windows etc are all relatively “new” terms and skills that over 60’s are eager to learn about and use. The internet is now the place where lots of information, social interaction and entertainment are found and seniors who keep abreast of this technology will find that it can have a positive effect on their lives including assisting in their cognitive maintenance. 


13 tips to help you to become more Tech savvy

Have A Positive, Open Attitude and conquer your fear

Fear can sometime hold us back from living our best lives and this may be true of you and technology. But remember that you have not come this far in life by shying away from things that are hard. Jump in and have a positive attitude and you may find that technology may open your life to new experiences and possibly new people. 


Many 60-plussers do not have access to someone else to assist them with their I.T needs. But don’t worry because Google is your friend. You can use google to search for places, products, services for you. Consider activating your voice activated function on your phone which can help (these applications can sometimes result in much hilarity as evidenced by the You tube video ” Hello Goo, Goo” which can be watched here.

Basic Settings 

All devices allow you to set to a larger text size and allow louder sounds for the hard of hearing. We suggest that you make use of these settings to make your Tech experience easier.


A study has found that many of us need to remember over 50 passwords and some even suggest that this number could even be as much as 100. Many of us are concerned about remembering all of these as well as the safety of our passwords. We are constantly told not to use the same password but how then can we remember all of these?  If we do write them down, how do we remember where we wrote them?   There are many programmes that help you manage these passwords requiring only one password or a fingerprint to access these if they are on your mobile device.

Take Your Time

Be patient with yourself, learning a new skill may take time and if you are struggling, do not be afraid to ask for help.


Do not keep your devices charging all day or night as this may damage the battery of your device. Only charge your devices when needed or when expecting Loadshedding in South Africa.

Personal Information

Do NOT share your personal information online, particularly your Banking details.  Do not become the victim of phishing, fishing or other schemes to defraud you.

Touch Screens

Many 60-plussers may find that they get on better with a tablet that has a touchscreen than having to fiddle with a traditional computer. Off course many seniors are equally competent with all types of device.

Search History

We often share our devices with others, particularly grandchildren and they may love playing games on your device. Make sure that your purchase history is deleted or that Apps have a password or you may find yourself being charged for games or products you never wanted. Another tip is to ensure that your browsing history is deleted so that your banking or other activities are hidden. Have a look at this useful article on deleting your Cookies or browsing history.

Most Things are Free

The old adage “most things in the world are not free” is not neccesarily true on the internet. There are many Applications and programmes that are considered Freeware (software that is available free of charge.) but be aware that sometimes there are hidden costs to signing up for services, so check out these very carefully before agreeing to them or supplying your banking details.

Read Reviews Before Buying Items Online

If you are looking to buy a product or service, have a look at their reviews.  This will give you a good idea of the product and service and you can then make a more informed choice. “Before you make your purchasing decision about a specific product or service, it is important to understand the product you are intending to buy by checking website reviews … This way, you will make better purchasing decisions because you shall have read people’s complaints and recommendations about that particular product.” says an article by Wendy Stokes. *

Virus/Malware Scanning

A good anti-virus is vital in today’s world and this is a great way to keep your information protected. The good news is that most devices come with a built in anti-virus but there are many good paid-for versions if you want to improve on this. YEI’s Tech Tim has some great advice regarding this in the article YEI Tech Tips for SA seniors – Virus Protection

Reach Out

Do not be afraid to ask for help.  Ask your more Tech-savvy friends, ask family, ask your grandchildren who we are sure would love to assist you with your Tech needs.


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Please note that “Tech Tim” cannot supply immediate or 24/7 assistance.
If you are urgently needing assistance,
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* Why It is Good To Check Review Websites Before Buying – The Frisky

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