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One of the great perks to ageing is that you have access to great pensioner deals, senior discounts and benefits.

Used wisely means you can save money
and preserve that well-earned pension!

Enjoy this selection of fabulous pensioner deals and offers


Acorn StairliftsAlexander Forbes
Planning to age in place? A stairlift can enable you to carry on living in the home you loveCheck out our fantastic rates on our exclusive, short-term insurance for retired individuals – 55 Plus.
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Cape town concert seriesFlower foundation
Western CapeGauteng
Enjoy these wonderful music experiences online on YouTube. wonderful music experiences. Our programmes were prepared with notes by Albert CombrinkFlower Foundation caters for the needs of those over 55, who are seeking to retire to a safe and secure environment, with available care facilities for health care needs
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PHILHARMONIA CHOIRproactive wills and estates
Western CapeNational
We regret to announce that our June concert, a celebration of John Rutter, has been cancelled. We hope to be able to perform this concert sometime next year instead and look forward to seeing you thenNow is the time to update your will. Take advantage of this free Wills service for all YEI members seniors, retirees and pensioners!
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silverfitthe bridge
We are able to offer you ONLINE classes during lockdown. Join our exciting community who are waiting to greet you in your next class The Bridge offers pre-retirement (and post retirement) advice on the non-financial aspects of retirement
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  • Arthur Dreyer says:

    I strongly object to both public and private organisations (including the SP, the NCCC and goavernment) attempting to iscolate folks over the age of 60 for whatever reason they can think of. We are grown up’s with a lot of experience, knowledge and wisdom, and, in particular, we are adults who know how to behave and look after ourselves the exact same way adults younger than 60 and the youth. DON’T treat as like children! Don’t attemt to iscolate us; we will not tolerate being discriminated against due to our age; in fact, it is unconstitunional. Just me airing my frustration to so many rumours of everyone wanting to take steps to place old folks under greater isolation that anyone else – it’s just not fair!! Yes, you are welcome to use this comment publicly if you so wish

  • Arthur Dreyer says:

    And, yes, just another frustration. Many many elderly and pensioners are cash strapped, especially wher the Reserve bank have reduced the interest rate by 2% in past couple of months with a further interest rate cut looming on the horizon. What we need is not discounted travel, etc. We desparately need companies to give discount on food and essential personal and household supplies. Many of us cannot afford to fly and or enjoy entertainment etc. as we just don’y have money for such luxuries anymore. In fact many are starving.

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Mr Dreyer

      Thank you for your comments. We do understand your frustration. We are well aware that many pensioners are cash strapped – we are in contact with pensioners on a daily basis and can assure you that our finger is on the pulse in the world of seniors. We are fully aware that pensioners need further discounts on food and essential items. I cannot tell you how many times I personally, on behalf of YEI, have been in contact with the major retailers pleading with them to give additional discounts to seniors, without success.

      However, on the counter side, there are many seniors who are in a position to be able to enjoy mid-week breaks, travel trips etc. It has been our experience that companies associated with the tourism industry are extremely generous in offering substantial discounts to South African seniors. It has been our experience that many seniors love these travel offers specifically geared at 60-plussers, demonstrated by the great take-up and interest in these offers. As long as we continue to see the great take-up on these great offers, YEI will continue to showcase these companies and their generous offers for pensioners.

      Regrettably, it will be impossible for YEI to please everyone all of the time, but please believe that it is certainly not from a lack of trying. YEI has been likened to a “dog with a bone” – i.e. never giving up trying to get discounts for pensioners. We would like to assure you that YEI is doing its utmost with regard to pensioner deals that are suitable for all, and will continue to do so.

      We welcome your comments, continued debate, and discussion, and thank you for voicing your opinion in this regard.

      Warm regards
      Marilyn, YEI

  • Al Rost-Felder says:

    I totally agree with your sentiments Arthur Dreyer – thanks for expressing them so perfectly.

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