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The jury is out – there is no chance that Google can usurp your role as a grandparent!

 Grandparents are here to stay and families love the fact that they are treasure troves of information!


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Grandparents aka “fonts of knowledge” are well known for their timeless wisdom.  Grandparents are the family members who are able to pass down great memories, stories, and pearls of wisdom to their children and grandchildren.  There is nothing that matches the wisdom of experience and age.

YEI asked YEI members about the pearls of wisdom and life’s lessons that they would like to pass on to their grandchildren.  We received a great response, all given with the love and wisdom that only a grandparent can give….


  • Enjoy every day to the fullest…
  • Do today what you can…. tomorrow is not promised
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks…you don’t want to live with regrets
  • Be thankful, grateful and appreciative even for the small things in life
  • Never forget those who mentored, supported and helped you along life’s journey
  • Always esteem others higher than yourself
  • Always be ready to lend a helping hand especially to the weak and vulnerable
  • Stay humble
  • Kindness, respect & communication are 3 key words of wisdom I have tried to reach my grandchildren. Respect being the main one.
  • Respect your elders and all others
  • Fall in love at least once and love sincerely
  • Travel while you’re still young enough
  • Smile happy!!
  • Make mistakes, but be certain to not repeat them and try and fix them..
  • Live, don’t merely exist. Appreciate each moment and live it well.
  • Be aware that you, too will get old. Appreciate your parents while they are still around.
  • The 3 most important words: Your DECISIONS today DETERMINE your DESTINATION!
  • Love and accept yourself as you are now. So many of us want better bodies, better hair and so the list goes on.
  • Always try to see the bigger picture then you will see things in perspective and won’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Save, save, save
  • Be happy ( and that is actually a decision one must make)
  • Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Respect and Manners maketh Man
  • Never go to bed angry
  • Never point a finger at someone because there are 3 pointing back at you
  • Make provision for retirement from an early age
  • Invest a lot of money for your retirement!
  • Phone your parents every week
  • Invest in property
  • Always give up your seat for an older person


Contributions by YEI members:

Sidonia Evelyn Henry, Val Tweedie, Maureen Roberts, Shirley Goodrum, Terri Le Brasseur, Mari Homann Coetzee, Lorraine Smith, Marion Bow,  Susan Duguid Wortrich,  Joey Meyer, Tina Maneveld, Helena Uys, Bela Nunes de Freitas,  Sheila Mercer, Winifred Dobson, Christine Kielblock Erasmus, Marcelle Christiane Millican, Glynis Morris.


Article by You’ve Earned It / YEI



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