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Two of YEI’s decluttering experts give us
some refreshing decluttering tips and methods. 

Decluttering is more than a trend
– the less clutter and stress in your home
comes with some surprising health benefits!


couple and packed boxes


In a time when people are even more stressed out than ever before, it makes complete and utter sense to bring order into your life to alleviate a little of that stress.  Living minimalistically, getting rid of things you don’t need and having a clutter-free home means you can live a more joyful and simpler life.  And with this comes those surprising health benefits – living clutter-free alleviates anxiety and depression,  helps you sleep better, lessens one’s allergies, fosters a happy environment and gets you moving.  So let’s get to it – it is obvious that there are huge benefits to decluttering!

Heidi Meyer from Cloud9 Organised says:
“Downsizing is one of the most difficult processes in life. It is filled with uncertainty, fear and excitement all at the same time.  Give yourself enough time and start small, you have many years of possessions to sort through. Determine what is important to you in this new chapter. Be realistic about activities and interests you’ll still partake in and the physical space that you’ll have”


If you are decluttering with a view to downsizing, Heidi has this to say:


  • Tag the furniture and larger items for sale, donate or keep with different colour stickers.
  • List the furniture and décor items that you love and will be functional in your new home.
  • Focus on one room at a time and get it done. Be careful not to start everywhere – that will just lead to bigger overwhelm.
  • Let go of anything that will not fit into your new home or anything that; makes you sad, you know you will never use again, clothes you don’t fit into or wear anymore, projects you know you will never finish. Keep only the best.
  • Memorabilia – Ask yourself why you have it. Is it necessary to keep it or will you remember the person who has given it to you or the enjoyable occasion without the item? Limit yourself to one small memory box.
  • Give away to friends and family or donate any item others could still use to a charity or welfare.
  • Get your Life File and paperwork in order.


Pack the keepers securely, ready for the move and the transition to your new life.


Tania Garde from Simply Organised says:  “Many of us go through periods in our life where we are overwhelmed by our belongings and just do not know where to start or what to sort out first leading to procrastination, further indecision and stagnation.  I love to help clients reclaim their space and restore order in their lives”.


Tania’s top tips on how to declutter with a vengeance are:


Your paper trail….

Unsorted and unfiled paperwork can account for up to 30 to 50% of the clutter in one’s home.  It spreads over counters, Drawers, cupboards and boxes under the bed.  If you are overwhelmed with paperwork or just need to have a good sort, out get some empty beer boxes mark the ends e.g.:  Municipal accounts, Bank statements, garden service etc. Then start one surface, drawer at a time. Once done sort into date order and file.  If your tax returns are up to date, you need only keep the last five years information.  This should free up a lot of your cluttered space.

Now that your paperwork is up to date make sure that your go to Life File or Estate File has all your important paperwork in it.  A copy of your ID, your passport, Title Deeds of your Property or Lease agreement, Living Will (If you have one), latest Will and Testament, Insurance and Investment agreements and contact details. Contact details of your family, doctor, Lawyer and close friends.



Clear out all left-over hobby and craft items that are not relevant to your lifestyle going forward. Donate them to a friend who still does that hobby or a charity shop. Try keep your hobbies and crafts in a designated area.



Check that your tools are all still kept in your tool box.  If you have broken or blunt tools throw them away and replace them.  Likewise with missing tools.



Over the years we buy, get gifted or given clothing that we just put in our wardrobes to be worn one day and never do.  They get so full that you battle to get the hangers in.  Ask your best friend to help you decide what to keep.  Best way is to try each item on, put outfits together.  Be firm and don’t keep what doesn’t suite you or go with your colouring or is not your style.  By the end of this exercise your cupboards will be much more manageable.  Tip for hanging side try use thin hangers as they take up less space than the padded ones.



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