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Amidst all the Omicron craziness,
we have arrived in the season of good cheer, and many of you will be fortunate enough to be able to spend time with your grandchildren.

Let’s look at how you can create a personalised Christmas activity list
with grandchildren, near and far away.  Here are 10 activity ideas:


Christmas 2021


How about starting a fun tradition?  Like unwrapping a Christmas book to read together each night before bed.  You can even read stories to your grandchildren from a distance, via Zoom or WhatsApp.

Why not teach your grandchildren about their heritage and Christmas traditions?  Bring out the photo albums and the favourite Christmas recipes and encourage the younger generation to help  you in the kitchen.

Pajama parties are not just for the youngsters.  Have a three generation PJ party, make popcorn and watch a fun Christmas movie together.  Have a prize for the most fun pajamas!

For those grandchildren far away, send a meaningful letter.  The best gift in life can be sharing positivity and good words with your loved ones.

We all love Christmas caroling, but the times are averse to this kind of festive jollity.  What about setting up a family and friends Christmas caroling Zoom meeting?  If you find someone to strum along on the guitar or play the piano, even better.  Plan your Christmas carol programme, and maybe ask for a small donation from everyone to go towards a good cause in your community.

Create a little Christmas magic.  Pack up a parcel of food for Santa and Rudolph.

An evening of silliness is just perfect for the holiday season.  A backwards menu is always fun – eat dessert first, then the main meal and then the starter.  The grandchildren will love it, and the parents will enjoy feeling childlike again.

Don’t forget the bird and wildlife.  With your grandchildren, put together a special holiday treat for the birds in your garden.  A birdseed bell hung with a red bow will look great in the garden and will make the birds happy!

Have a quiz evening with the central theme being Christmas carols.  Find riddles that equate to carols like “What does the phrase – The Quadruped with the Vermilion Proboscis” mean?  Well, it actually means “Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer”!   Make sure your teams are cross-generational – including everyone in the family.   Alternatively, another family favourite involving all the generations is a family talent contest.  Everyone contributes and is a winner.  Sing songs, recite poems, put on a little show, dance, play an instrument, show a homemade video or bake yummy goodies for everyone to enjoy. 

Have a garden picnic.  Spread the picnic blankets on the grass and provide bite-size munchies, popcorn, hot dogs and toast marshmallows on the braai.


We would love to hear about the activities
that you plan with your grandchildren.  

Do share with us in the comments section below.


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