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Time to break loose after lockdown.
Time for a retreat for the soul.
Time to rejuvenate and relish the moment in nature. 

And – seniors receive an amazing pensioner discount!

If you do decide to travel, don’t forget to wear your mask
and adhere to the essential regulations.


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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, located in a remote wilderness area, provides travellers with a unique escape back into wide open spaces and rolling landscapes away from the cacophony of the city; after a trying period spent pent up indoors. It is a retreat for the soul; to rejuvenate and relish in the moment. Step back out into nature…

A place like Kagga Kamma has to be seen to be believed. The famous ‘Cave’ Suites and ‘Hut’ Suites pay homage to a time when the San people foraged the lands, constructing temporary reed huts and moving with the seasons – leaving not a trace behind, apart from the culturally significant stained cave and rock walls. Experience this ‘oasis on the edge of time’, fringed with intrigue and a history so fascinating you’ll spend hours pondering this influential people and their mark on South African history.


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The quietness is a presence, something so pure and deep in the wide-angle space. Soak up the sunshine and vital vitamin D it provides, as you explore the Reserve; or while simply enjoying relaxing on your porch. The ‘Cave’ and ‘Hut’ Suites have each been positioned to catch the silk of warm afternoon sun and give way to breath-taking vistas, which reach a shadow of mountains in the distance. The afternoon is quickly overtaken by crisp evening air as the sun dips below the horizon and the pastel clouds give way to a night sky bursting at the seams with starlight – the Milky Way. A stargazing experience is the perfect night cap as you explore the deep galaxy above, with stars so bright you could almost reach out and place a handful in your pocket.


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As the new day breaks and the indigenous bird life flitter about the fynbos, trail down the stone-clad walkway towards the terrace for a scrumptious breakfast, with a view of the nearby sandstone formations, where rock hyraxes play. A morning flush with fresh air and a blanket of bright, uninterrupted skies sings of relaxation and tranquillity. A range of excursions await those who enjoy a taste of adventure, while the Lodge swimming pool invites the avid bookworm to curl up and simply enjoy the change of scenery. The quiet and tranquillity of Kagga Kamma is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood. We didn’t have a hand in creating this wondrous place, but we do our utmost to preserve its pristine ambience, so others can also enjoy the restorative properties of time in these spellbinding surroundings.


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This bucket-list experience is a must for avid travellers looking to spend time away from the hustle and bustle; and wanting to just slow down and appreciate a moment in time untouched by stress or worry. A moment at an oasis where the beauty and diversity of South Africa is made palpable by this incredible landscape.


Escape the stresses of a fast-paced, city life.

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