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Decluttering and Simplifying your Life

Cloud9 organised


Heidi specialises in assisting you to sort your ‘stuff’ – to declutter – to get organised and regain control over your business, home and life. She visits you at your home or office (the source of the clutter), assess your needs, and then provide customised solutions for YOUR challenges. She also provides virtual consultations. Do you have any organising and decluttering challenges and don’t want someone in your space? contact Heidi  to help you on your way.

NB: For instance, often a seemingly simple action like rearranging furniture can rectify that claustrophobic feeling, and create the perception of a welcoming home or office. Cloud 9 Organised will enable you to create a warm working or home environment where you will be proud and confident to receive customers or guests.

Cloud 9 organised


Downsizing for the Elderly

We Assist to Make The Transition Easier. Cloud 9 organised is experienced in dealing delicately with deceased estates and downsizing.

  • Assist you to make decisions of what needs to be kept, donated, recycled or sold
  • Pack your possessions
  • Advise you on maintenance that has to be done to make the property/home more attractive to prospective buyers
  • Organise for unwanted furniture to be taken to second hand dealers or auctioneers
  • Sort personal papers and belongings, and (where necessary) assist you in getting valuations for jewellery and valuable artefacts
  • Give advice on what to do with unwanted items and (where applicable) packing and distributing effects to relevant parties and charities
  • Supervising your move
  • Unpack and ensure that everything you own is easily accessible.
  • Assist with furniture layout to make your new home functional and aesthetically pleasing



Cloud9 organised


Clearing a deceased Estate

Cloud 9 organised assist with compassion during this emotional time, helping you to deal with the possessions, memorabilia and documents of a deceased family member.

  • Clear the home, remove donations and recycling.
  • Assist in re-arranging the home for the surviving


Cloud9 organised


Relocations and Moves – We Assist to Make Your Move Easier

Cloud 9 organised is experienced in organising local, national and international relocations. They have organised moves to Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

For example:                                                      

  • Assist you in planning the move – thus reducing stress and saving you time
  • Supervise moves in Gauteng & Northwest

At your new home, we take over when the movers have left:

  • Setting out furniture
  • Hanging curtains
  • Putting your possessions into wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards
  • Preparing beds, changing the cardboard chaos in to a welcoming home


Cloud 9 organised




  • You get to choose what is precious and what should stay!
  • The decluttering process is thorough and all-inclusive and is aimed at opening up space and creating order from chaos.
    NB: Cloud 9 organised, however, does not go overboard and leave only the bare necessities in place.
  • We know how important it is that your space must echo YOUR personality, tastes, experiences, and passions.
  • We do not want to strip you of items that are precious to you but believe that all your belongings need a home, a space where they can be easily accessed, be used, and be admired

Special pensioners/senior citizens packages

Over 65’s receive a 5% discount off hourly rate.


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