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There are so many advantages to choose living in a retirement village, if you can afford it.  And you don’t even need to be retired!


A downsized, more manageable home

Many of us have empty-nest syndrome and have had enough of the expenses of a large family home and the maintenance of the home and the garden.  A retirement village home will come with a more modern, well-equipped house or apartment, which is designed for ease.  Everything will become easier and more convenient as well as being more cost-effective.

New friends and social opportunities

 Moving to a retirement village affords you the opportunity to make new friends, friends who can socialise with and who may well share similar interests to you.  You can get involved in more social and leisure activities and discover new, interesting hobbies, develop long-hidden talents and try out new things.

The facilities in a retirement village

Retirement villages generally come with many facilities such as their own bar, café or restaurant/dining room, laundry, gym, hairdresser, beauty therapist, library and much more.  The village is likely to have a programme of social events, activities and trips out.  Help and support is always on hand, should you need it.

The sense of community in a retirement village

Even if you enjoy your privacy, it is great to know that one can have access to events and activities in a community of like-minded people. From voluntary social activities to outings, the village people have the opportunity to get know each other and form friendship and neighbourly bonds. 

Security is taken of

Your security worries are a thing of the past.  Security in a retirement village is a high priority and retirement villages are usually equipped with the latest in security and safety features.  You can go away on holiday with peace of mind – you don’t have to arrange a housesitter.  The level of security can range basic to advanced – just find out more from the sales team in advance.

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Saving on costs – in comparison to the large family home

A retirement village can provide that low-maintenance, hassle-free lifestyle you have been dreaming of.  No need to maintain a garden, or maybe you may have a small one.  No need to worry about security or drive to the doctor for a check-up.  It is likely that there will be a nurse on duty in the Healthcare Centre to attend to your needs.  Find out what offerings are available when doing your preliminary research.

Maintain your independent lifestyle!

Provided you are not in need of assisted living or frail care, you can go about your life and enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen.


The majority of retirement villages offer the full spectrum of healthcare, including assisted living and frail care.  These services can differ from village to village, so you need to do your homework in terms of enquiring about specific healthcare offerings.


Yay!  No cooking!  Well, much less!  Most retirement villages do include some or all meals as part of their offering.  When doing your research, find out how many meals are included as part of this offering.


Very often, retirement villages offer a transportation service.  It could be a weekly trip to the local mall.



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