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South Africans seeking the perfect retirement option need to look no further than Malta, an idyllic Mediterranean island offering so much more than just island living.


Why would MALTA be a perfect retirement option for South Africans?


Malta offers a multitude of options, giving South Africans an exceptional choice. With a rich cultural history, affordable cost of living and world-class medical care, it’s not just the Mediterranean climate that attracts you to this alluring retirement haven.

Merle Whale, a South African living in Malta, says that due to the increased number of young South Africans emigrating, there is an increased interest from retirees, looking for a solution to be closer to their children, where they can easily have visits that do not involve exorbitant travel costs. Malta has it all. Ms Whale says that for South Africans seeking an ideal retirement destination, Malta has a unique and irresistible appeal.  Not only does it offer a secure retirement option, but the combination of the climate, economic conditions, property market and lifestyle, makes Malta a viable choice for South Africans approaching retirement. Retirement by Investment in Malta is an affordable option to live in Europe and obtain a Schengen visa, making travel easier.

Mediterranean climate.

One of the key attractions is the Malta climate. The archipelago enjoys warm, dry summers and mild winters. With the seemingly endless number of hours of sunshine annually, retirees can bask in a perpetual, summer-like, atmosphere. The pleasant weather promotes an active, outdoor lifestyle, ideal to foster a healthy and vibrant experience.

Rich culture and heritage.

Malta’s culture is a blend of diverse influences from its ancient history. Its location in the Mediterranean has attracted various civilisations through the centuries, leaving behind a wealth of historical and architectural treasures. Here, retirees can immerse themselves in a captivating heritage and explore ancient temples, medieval cities, and baroque palaces. There is a vibrant art scene and bustling festivals and traditions that are a constant source of enjoyment in Malta. Those aged 60plus can apply for a Heritage Malta Senior Passport which entitles an elder and two accompanying youths  free access to most Heritage Malta sites and museums.

Cost of living.

With affordability top-of-mind for the discerning retiree, Malta stands out. Offering a cost of living lower than many European countries. Malta Resident card holders are entitled to free public transport. Housing, utilities and groceries are reasonably priced, allowing retirees to comfortably stretch their savings and pension funds. Malta’s favourable tax incentives further enhance the financial benefits for South Africans. One main taxation benefit is zero inheritance tax, and only 5% stamp duty on immovable property. Owning property in Malta does not incur any local council rates and taxes.


Malta suits South Africans perfectly when it comes to language. English is an official language and the majority of the population speak it. The growing population of South African expats promotes a home away from home, so to speak, for South Africans living in Malta.


Malta’s robust healthcare system provides quality healthcare. Modern hospitals, trained medical professionals and specialists, cater for the needs of retirees and all on the island. Costs to visit a GP can be as little as €15. A full check-up at the dentist, including an x-ray and fillings, is around €60.


Malta is renowned for its safety, ranking among the safest countries in the world; ensuring a secure and peaceful retirement environment. A common sight is people spending mornings and evenings walking and meeting up on the pavements, beaches and park areas.

Malta is also accessible via multiple commercial airlines that compete in routes to Malta, making the options vast. Taking into account the Mediterranean climate, cost of living, cultural heritage, English as an official language, a quality healthcare system, security and a vibrant lifestyle, Malta should be at the top of the list of retirement options for South Africans.


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