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rising prices

How we miss the good old days!
A lot has changed in South Africa since the 1970’s,
most especially the cost of living.

The YEI team did a price comparison between the top Supermarkets in South Africa today, comparing certain products to an old price pamphlet from 1979.

Take a look!



Pantry Pride Sunflower Oil 750ml85cR49.99R49.99R41.99
Sunfoil Sunflower OilSunfoil Sunflower OilWoolworths Brand Oil
KOO Baked beans in Tomato Sauce 410g22cR14.99R14.99R14.99
Tastic Rice 1kg75cR20.99R21.99R20.99
Crosse & Blackwell Mayonnaise 750gR1.10R44.99R44.99R39.99
Helmans Mayonnaise 789gR1.29R60.99R43.99
Nola Mayonnaise 750gWoolworths Tangy Mayonnaise 750g
KOO Tomato Sauce 750ml62cR24.99
No Name Tomato SauceAll Gold Tomato SauceAll Gold Tomato Sauce
KOO Smooth Apricot Jam 900g57cR39.99R34.99R39.99
All gold Smooth Apricot jamCheckers house brand smooth Apricot JamWoolworths Food
Half Lamb 1st Grade per kgR1.68R129.99R149.99R189.99
(Please note that some of these items were not found on the relevant Online shopping page, the best equivalent has been chosen by YEI staff and was sourced online on 25 August 2022)


YEI member, Lyn, says that she subscribes to the three online shopping apps, Checkers Sixty/60, Woolies Dash and Pick ‘n Pay ASAP.  Before she does her online shop, she checks out the specials on the two apps (Woolies, at this time, do not feature specials on their app) and makes her decision as to where she will shop that week, based on how much money she can save.

These comparative prices reinforce the belief that one needs to become price-savvy and shop around for the best prices and take advantage of specials when you are on a limited budget.


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