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South Africa is using a five-phased approach
with regard to Lockdown. 

Does Lockdown Level 3 have a direct  impact on SA seniors?
And if so, what will that impact be?


Level3 coronavirus


The bottom line is, that despite the “risk-adjusted” lockdown rules, and the moving to Level 3 of Lockdown, 60-plussers and those with underlying conditions, are once again encouraged to remain  at home and take additional precautions to isolate themselves.

There is a great possibility that 60-plussers could face more months at home, if projections are correct and the coronavirus peak hits the country around September.

60-plussers amount to around 7-10% of the population and up to six million of the country’s residents, according to census data.

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said the “elderly” were categorised as people aged 60 and older.  YEI prefers the use of the terminology “60-plussers”!

See FAQ’s re 60-plussers below


Update:  30 July 2020

A measure of relief for the Restaurant and Tourism industry was announced by the Minister of Tourism , Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane with the announcement that intra-provinicial leisure travel was now allowed in all provinces and that the nationwide curfew has been amended to start at 10pm to allow restaurants to have a uninterrupted dinner service.

As for tour operators, they will be allowed to conduct guided tours in an open safari vehicle under the new regulation. This is subject to directions, which includes provision for both social distancing and maximum ventilation.


Update:  12 July 2020

A curfew has been brought back in and will run from 9pm till 4am every night.

Taxis may now carry 100% capacity for short trips and only 70% for longer trips provided all safety and health protocols are in place.

The government institutes a total ban on the sale of alcohol


Update:  18 June 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa last night outlined changes to the Level 3 lockdown regulations, now termed Level 3 advanced.

Many of our readers will be delighted to hear that hairdressers and other personal care industries are being allowed to open with very strict health protocols in place.

Other industries allowed to open are :
Restaurants can allow sit down meals, Theatres, Cinemas and Casinos may open with limited capacity, Commercially licensed accommodation (not home sharing services)  and non-contact Sports.

The President also said that further announcements on when these businesses will be permitted to operate will be made in due course


Level 3 lockdown



Update:  9 June 2020

Even though South Africa’s lockdown regulations have been declared unconstitutional by the courts, the fact that it will apply until mid-June means that South Africans who want to cross district, metropolitan or provincial boundaries need permits to do so. In terms of the judgment, residents are still required to adhere to the level 3 regulations until the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) has updated them, rendering them constitutionally justifiable. Cogta has until June 16 to get it done or to ask for an extension.

Schools may now also begin up again using a phased in approach as detailed by the Minister of Education. See here for regulations.

With the exception of certain businesses who operate  in the economic activities listed below, South Africans have gone back to work.

  • Accommodation for leisure purposes;
  • Domestic air travel for vacation, fun or leisure;
  • Cruise ships for leisure purposes;
  • Conferences, events, sporting events. (There are now certain exemptions to this)
  • Personal care services – hairdressing, beauty treatments, make-up, nails, salons, piercing, tattoo parlours.
  • Casinos and entertainment activities remain prohibited  (There are now certain exemptions been granted)

    If you
    are unsure of any of the regulations, please consult the South African governments official Covid-19 website


Please note:  YEI endeavours to keep this information up to date on a regular basis.  However, with changes happening at a moment’s notice, please forgive us if we do get behind the times!
And let us know – we will put it right!


Update:  1 June 2020

Minister of tourism Kubayi-Ngubane addressed the nation  on the new regulations regarding the travel and tourism industry in South Africa. Certain aspects of the tourism and related industries have now been opened up under Level 3 which has come into effect today.

According to a media release Sanparks have announced the opening of certain of their open access National parks will open from today, namely Table Mountain park (excluding Boulders Beach and Cape Point), Golden Gate Highlands and certain parts of the Garden route.  

Beaches however are to remain closed





Update:  29 May 2020

Home Affairs

Home affairs has announced the re-opening of certain services from 1 June 2020, they include:
Birth registration, re-issue of birth certificates, late registration of birth (by appointment), marriage services, death certificates, temporary IDs and the collection of IDs applied for prior to the lockdown. 

Passport services will be available only to persons who are engaged in the delivery of essential goods and medicines across South African borders.

Asylum and refugee services will remain closed, all asylum seekers’ permits lawfully issued which have expired are, or are to expire during the period of the national state of disaster are deemed to have been extended up to and including 31 July 2020

Sport and Exercise

Public training, fitness and recreational facilities remain closed except those conducting non-contact sports matches without spectators. 

Exercise, walking and cycling will be permitted between 6am and 6pm as long as this is not done in organised groups

National parks, forests, public parks and beaches are to remain closed


Click here for the full Government  Gazette 43364 on lockdown regulations

Update:  28 May 2020

As South Africa prepares to open up its economy for Level 3 of lockdown next week, we may already have a logistical problem in terms of our fuel.

The South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) has confirmed that “there is currently inadequate stock of diesel in the country”.  Their statement goes on to read –  “the opening of the economy has resulted in a more rapid recovery than expected”.  “Stock rationing has been implemented to manage demand and preserve stock”

South African churches are allowed to reopen from 1 June under certain restrictions. “This pandemic has taken a toll on us emotionally and spiritually. It has shaken our sense of well-being and security. Many of us are anxious and fearful of both the present and the future,” President Ramaphosa said in his televised address on Sunday 24 May

24 May 2020 – Covid-10 – President Ramaphosa address



It is once again recommended that employees aged 60 or those with  underlying conditions should ideally stay at home as much as possible


President Rhamaphosa concluded his address by saying:
At this time, more than any other, we are reminded of the words of Madiba,
when he said: “It is now in your hands.”
May God bless South Africa and protect its people.



Level 3 lockdown 


Lockdown Level 3


As some Provinces and areas may have different rates of infection,
it is recommended to consult the governments official website
to ensure you are complying with current legislation.


Frequently asked questions 60-plussers have asked YEI


Will we be able to socialise more or have family visit during level 3

While our transition to level 3 may seem like the closest to normal we have felt for months, it will still not be like before. “Normality” is a long way off, and the most vulnerable will still have to restrict themselves for quite some time to come.

Why are we (seniors/pensioners/retirees/baby boomers)
being asked to stay home?

According to the draft framework for sectors released by government recently, 60-plussers are  encouraged at all alert levels to prioritise their health when it comes to personal movement.

From Levels 2 to 5, the most severe of the levels, “elderly and persons with comorbidities are encouraged to self-isolate and only leave home for exceptional reasons”, the schedule said.

At Level 1, the most relaxed of the levels, it reads “the elderly and persons with comorbidities are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home”.

When can I (60-plussers) go back to work?

Government confirmed that its stance for the elderly is: “Workers above the age of 60, as well as workers with comorbidities, should be offered a work-from-home option”

How long could these measures be in effect?

Officials were recently asked how long these measures for the “elderly” would be in place.  The Health Department responded – as soon as the infection rate has sufficiently declined.  Globally, this has been identified in many countries as a ratio of one – meaning one infected person infects no more than one other person.



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