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Don’t get left behind! 

Come and join 50Plus-Skills and You’ve Earned It
as we host a Zoom session to discuss the all-important topic
of how seniors can bridge the digital divide
and understand the future of digital communication. 

The first in a series of events
regarding digital communication



We have seen the world change significantly over our lifetime. Personal computers and the internet have been created during our working lifetime. Technology is moving at a pace that is impossible to keep track of.

We now live in a connected world. Today’s computers and smartphones are multimedia machines that can play music, display high resolution photos, stream video, and, of course, connect via high-speed links to the almost limitless world of the Internet.

This past year as we have remained home and isolated, technology has been a tool that has kept many engaged, connected, and informed. Many of the solutions for banks, the health sector and retail outlets have been to go online. What happens when you feel left behind?

We all learn in different ways. The best way to understand what you may require to help you move forward with communication and skills is to engage with talks and groups that understand our needs.


50Plus-Skills and You’ve Earned It
are hosting a Zoom session to discuss this important subject.


We invite you to register to attend and join the conversation.
Please note that this is a free, live event


Date:  14 April 2021
Time:  12h30 to 13h30.


To register, please click on this link:


Please only register if you plan on attending,
as only 100 places have been allocated.


This is a safe environment to come and ask questions
and to better understand the future of digital communication.



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