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Most of us were born at a time where computers were the size of houses. During our lifetime this has changed and now significantly impacts us. Many solutions are now more driven via an APP on our phone or computer and it is almost impossible to engage with a human being. The COVID-19 scenario has just accelerated the pace of this change and brought even more frustration.

How do we improve our technology skills for the world we find ourselves in?

We own digital tools. Our computers, smart phones, and tablets. Smart technology has certainly made it easy to navigate. We learn new skills in different ways. Here are some examples.

  • Use a manual or instruction on Google or You-tube and self-learn.
  • Ask a family member to guide you- often frustrating due to generational differences.
  • Use a coach and work systematically through the process you are trying to conquer.
  • Attend a class to understand the concept or skill and then go and practice.

Our fears or lack of knowledge can be frustrating and challenging. These skills are new for many of us and not growing up with technology can be frustrating. The media often feed us enough to convince us not to try. Being empowered and making your own decision is a much better strategy.

Here are some ideas to try:


  • Look for podcasts in your area of interest to listen to.
  • Download books on Audible.
  • Use a platform like Zoom to engage with family and friends.
  • Join a workshop online in your area of interest.
  • Chat to your grandchildren.
  • Do all your banking, buying, and paying of accounts online.
  • Start a blog
  • Join an online church service
  • Learn remote skills to work from home
  • Build a business and develop your online presence using social media.

The lists are endless. The challenge is once you know how, so many new opportunities will emerge.

Staying relevant and connected is critical as we age. Technology has shifted the world we live in.

At 50plus-skills we help our members to learn, serve and earn and many of these skills are learnt collectively through our online events. You are welcome to connect with us if you would like to become a member or need coaching. This is a cost effective, safe place to learn technology.


Currently we have a special offer of R400 for 12 months from the date you join. A saving of 20%. 

Special offer ends 31 December 2020.

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50 plus skills


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