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You can’t help but perceive ageing in a negative manner
when your friends are talking about turkey necks,
senior moments and sagging bodies. 

Let’s rather look at the more positive and fun aspects
of ageing, which may surprise you!


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Senior moments

The phrase “senior moments” was coined in the mid 1990’s in the USA.  People generally use the phrase when they are referencing absent minded moments like misplacing one’s keys or putting the All Bran in the fridge.  The true meaning, however, is overload of information generated by the fast pace of life in the 21st century – and can apply to youngsters as well as oldsters!

Turkey neck

That unceremonious piece of skin swaying below your chin!  Ugh!!  Referred to as jowls, wattle or turkey neck.  Short of a neck-lift procedure, challenge yourself to turkey neck acceptance and learn to love your turkey neck or jowl – can’t get away from the fact – it’s here to stay.  Proudly wear your turkey neck and see it as a wealth of experience, part of your charming anatomy and your mark of senior grandeur!

Say farewell to a few bones along the ageing road

As we age, our bones fuse together.  We are born with 350 bones in our skeleton.  Over time, with the fusing of bones, we are left with 206 bones as adults.

Say hello to hairs in strange places

While the hair on our head starts disappearing, women can notice small hairs growing on their chins, and men start noticing more hair in their ears and noses.  All caused by hormone change.      Jennifer Saunders, the British comedienne/actress told the story recently on the Graham Norton Show about her grandson looking intently at her face, and saying “Jamjar (his name for his Granny), are you growing a beard?”.  Time to invest in a pair of tweezers, methinks!

Good news for migraine sufferers

Studies demonstrate that once you reach your 70s, migraine sufferers may notice that their migraines either become less frequent, actually disappear or actually take on a different form i.e. headache-free.  As some people age, they experience a migraine headache without the pain, but with visual or sensory disturbances.

Longevity is the buzz word

Life expectancy has increased by 3 ½ years.  It is expected that the population of seniors, worldwide, is expected to triple by the year 2040.    This is mainly due to the advancement of health care and technology.  10% of South Africans are aged 60plus.  A study called The Longevity Project demonstrates that it’s best to work for as long as you possibly can.  Working, a good social life, good friends, and a strong marriage are all key to living a long, healthy life. 

You can control your ageing process

Only 30% of characteristics associated with ageing are controlled by genetics.  The balance of 70% has everything to do with your chosen lifestyle.  It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle

Are your senses in flux?

Your sense of smell and taste changes as you age – this is due to the medication you take and the illnesses that you go through – like flu, colds, gum disease etc.

You get shorter as you age – myth or fact?

As you age, the space between your vertebra get closer together resulting in making you an inch shorter as you get older.

You sweat less!

You heard Prince Andrew in his BBC interview say that he didn’t sweat.  Well studies show that as you age, your body does in fact sweat less!   You heard it here!  On YEI!

Happiness is…

The University of Chicago found that levels of happiness climbed between the ages of 65 and 85.  Experts says that over years of experience, senior people are able to more easily tap into their toolbox of social and emotional instincts.



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