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No, we are not returning to the moon,
neither are we leaving for Mars


If the level of salivation is anything to judge by, this is to be the biggest event since 1969. Yes, the opening of  Food deliveries and the return of some of our favourite flavours (all depending on lockdown levels off course)

 The absence of our comforting culinary cuisines has created a longing beyond all reason. The imagination has boosted our cravings for that particular treat from appealing to ambrosial. Now that the first of May is within sight, the Pavlovian responses on Social media are off the scale.

 Some have attempted to replicate the burgers, pizzas and chicken pieces of their dreams with varying levels of success, or perhaps levels of disaster is more accurate.

This is one of the positive spin-offs of the lockdown, people are experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new meals and methods. Attempting Chinese or Thai cooking (we won’t mention cooking with wine as that all ran out ages ago!). Outside of the kitchen many of us have been working on forgotten hobbies, taking online courses and using the time to improve some or other skill. As frustrating as the lockdown is there are a number of positives that we can take from it.

 So much talk on the radio waves this week has been directed at the lifting of restrictions which will allow for the sale of  meals (delivery only)  from restaurants and  food establishments. Which is your favourite?

 The acerbic and salty flavours of a good ol’ Fish ‘n Chips; or perhaps the luscious secret sauce dripping from a meaty burger? What about the blend of dulcet and piquant oriental dishes that melt in the mouth or the homely flavour of a pizza straight out of a wood burning oven?

 Our fast foods have definitely been elevated from quick and easy meals to nostalgic, long-lost, gustatory friends.

I do hope you all enjoy your treats this weekend during the gastronomic reunion, may your favourite comfort meals not let you down and live up to all expectations. 

28 April 2020 (Thank you to Anthony Watkins for contributing this article)









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