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Functional medicine, an individualised approach that treats not by symptom but by cause, leads to more lasting results.


Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses its success regarding chronic conditions; its focus on genetics, biochemistry, nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour changes; and why genetics needn’t determine our disease profile. She mentions the tests she uses, case studies, and good news concerning ageing.

Anita Hamilton-Williams


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In ep. 105 of the weekly podcast series Calm, Clear and Helpful, Anita touches on

  • what functional medicine entails

  • what treating the body in its entirety and holistically means

  • how functional medicine can complement allopathic medicine

  • a definition of chronic conditions or diseases, and some of the challenges they pose

  • how functional medicine can prevent or reverse chronic conditions like depression, diabetes, obesity and heart disease

  • elements of functional medicine, including nutrition, genetics, biochemistry, lifestyle, habits and behaviour changes

  • epigenetics: why we needn’t express the genes we’ve inherited and what functional medicine interventions may involve

  • supporting your genes from a stress perspective

  • what to expect when working with a functional medicine practitioner

  • what the the 3X4 genetic test and other tests used by Anita involve

  • key areas of functional medicine, including detoxification, digestion, hormones and energy

  • how Anita supports her clients so that affecting the necessary changes is a sustainable process.


About Anita Hamilton-Williams

Anita Hamilton-Williams is a functional medicine health coach from Johannesburg who focuses on root causes and drivers of chronic disease. She is a graduate of the School of Applied Functional Medicine, a Culinary Nutrition Expert through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and an Accredited 3×4 Nutrigenomics Practitioner.

Her practice focuses on women in midlife 40+ and other individuals. She uses a combination of diet, lifestyle and nutrigenomics (nutrient interactions with genetics) to provide personalised health care to her clients.

Anita works online and offers complimentary 20-minute discovery calls to interested individuals.

Contact details:



Facebook: My Healing Space

Instagram: anitahamiltonwilliams

LinkedIn: Anita Hamilton-Williams


The free podcast series Calm, Clear & Helpful is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Player FM and– 

Music by Mart-Marie Snyman

Photograph of Anita Hamilton-Williams: supplied


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