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PnP online shopping


Order your groceries online
and get them delivered to your door

How to register with Pick ‘n Pay online shopping


Pick and Pag login

  •  Remember to keep your smartcard handy if you have one but this is not neccesary to this process as they will give you a smartcard number if you are not already registered

Pick and Pay register

  • Complete form 

Pick n Pay register

  • Click accept and register 
  • If you have been registered for a smartcard with the same e-mail address the sytem will pick this up and ask you to confirm some details and request to link your online shopping profile with your card. You can choose to do this. In this case we chose to link to our smartcard 
  • The system will ask you to confirm your smartcard number which can be found on the back of your card just below the barcode 

Pick n pay found smartcard

  • Click next 
  • You will now be sent a one time pin(OTP) to validate your registration and linking on card 
  • Press submit 
  • Type in the one time pin(OTP) you received via sms 
  • You will then be asked to re-enter your e-mail address and create a password

  • You are now linked and are able to login and start your buying
  • You now have four options 
    • Shop in store, this will help you locate a store nearest you 
    • Online shopping (this is what we will deal with here) 
    • Grocery essentials (this is an app you can download and make your purchases) 
    • Collect direct (this is where you e-mail your list to participating stores, they will pick your items and make arrangements with you to collect your goods) 

Pick n pay options

  • Click online shopping
  • Book a slot now 
  • Click ad a new address 
  • If this is your primary address then click “make my  default address” 
  • If you wish to do shopping for delivery elsewhere in the future then just click add a new address. 
  • Save 
  • You will then be asked to pick a time slot (remember that these are unprecedented times and slots may have filled up fast)  
  • You may continue to a slot (the delivery fee will be shown here) 

Pick n pat time slot

  • Click on delivery slot and confirm
  • Continue shopping 
  • You will taken back to the home page and if you scroll down you can begin shopping 
  • In this case I am going to purchase long life milk and sugar 
  • Click on quantity and add to basket 

Picknpay trolley

  • Continue shopping 
  • Click on I’m looking for  
  • Repeat the above process and add to your basket 
  • Go to my trolley on the right hand side of your screen 
  • Ensure that your delivery address is correct and that you are happy with the delivery time you previously selected delivery time 
  • You will be given a certain amount of time to confirm your order and delivery time, if you have not confirmed within the allotted time then you will have to begin with your order all over again. 
  • Checkout 
  • Some items may not be available at the time they pick them so you will now be given the option to select a suitable alternative (this will mean that if my Huletts sugar is not available then they may choose a different brand) If you do not select alternative then the item will be left off your deliveryPick n pay alternative
  • Once you are happy with your order, click next 
  • Complete the billing address and press Checkout 
  • You will then be given the option to spend or keep your smart shopper points 
  • Pay with a new card (if you had used a certain card previously, the system will keep this as your default card, if you wish to use a different card the ad a new one) 
  • Note the following: 
    • Pre-authorisation at checkout (now): R2 is reserved against your credit card to make sure your card details are correct. The R2 is immediately refunded to you. This will ensure that we’re able to process your payment on the day of picking and deliver your order to you as expected. You’ll also have the option of securely saving your card details for faster, easier checkout in future, and we won’t have to pre-authorise your card each time.
    • Day before delivery: We reserve payment for your order. 
    • Day of delivery: We debit your account for the final invoiced amount of your order. 
    • Questions? Read our FAQs or call 0860 30 30 30. 

PicknPay payment

  • Process payment 
  • You may be redirected to your bank’s secure site to authenticate yourself before making payment. 




  • Thabisile says:

    Hi id like to shop online at pick and pay im a pentioner

  • Thabisile says:

    Hi id like to shop online at pick and pay im a pentioner kindly help me how to register online tank you

  • Daphne says:

    I’m trying to buy a sleep shirt online but can’t what does This is a required field, mean?

    • Angela W says:

      A required field is one you cannot “skip” its one that is required by the company to have you fill in. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Angela (YEI team)

  • Susan Schrader says:

    Can I use my Pretorium Trust bonus card for ONLINE shopping?

  • Beuhla says:

    Hi, I am a pensioner living 4km outside of a town with more than one PNP stores. I’ve been told I live outside of delivery area… every week the same struggle to get transport to get food. What is your delivery area? I have been a regular client for over 28 years..

    • Angela W says:

      Hi Beuhla, thanks for reaching out to us. We are not able to assist us with this, you would need to reach out to Pick and Pay themselves at the store in question or reach out to their Head office at tel:+27216581000. Regards.

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