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Not only was this frail 82-year-old left to live as best she could in poverty and squalor – she was expected to take care of her 11-year old grandson as well.


The two had no food. Even if food had been left for them, Ms S was in no state to prepare it. Frail and in poor health, she can barely move. She can’t look after herself or her home … let alone a child who is not enrolled at school.

How can someone in these circumstances lead a meaningful life? Contentment is not possible. Not when every day is a battle filled with distress and anxiety.

If not for concerned neighbours, we dread to think what would have happened to Ms S. Fortunately, they called on Tafta and we sprang into action. Our social worker immediately arranged for Child Welfare services to take charge of Ms S’s grandson, and she was admitted to one of our frail care facilities.

Following the placement of both Ms S and her grandson, her grandson will be able to visit her in a safe and caring environment. She is now part of a group of elders with similar interests and particularly enjoys the religious activities. She has become quite talkative and often speaks about her own mother and her childhood, which she remembers with joy.

Finding people and a place where you belong makes such a difference! With medical treatment, good food and companionship, Ms S is a different person. There’s a sparkle in her eye that warms our hearts. It’s as if she’s come alive again.

Which makes us more determined than ever to make a difference to every other destitute, vulnerable elder in need … to add comfort and joy to their remaining years, one day at a time.

If you feel the same – and surely you must! – please consider acting as a ‘guardian angel’ to an elder like Mrs S. By making your special donation online now, you’ll help protect and care for these most vulnerable members of our community.

You really will be an angel in disguise to an elder in need … providing them with care, food, a bed with freshly laundered linen, companionship and love.

One day you, or a member of your family, may be blessed by a Tafta ‘guardian angel’. By supporting us now, you ensure that this tradition of love and care endures for generations to come. Thank you.


If you suspect that an elder is being ill treated, please report the case to us by calling 031 332 3721 or emailing

To support our efforts to rescue and protect elders from abuse, please make your donation online right now. Thank you!

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CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT:  The South African National Abuse Hotline



Source:Abandoned 82 year old woman left to live in frightful conditions (


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