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WIN with YEI

You’ve Earned It is THE brand synonymous with South African over-60s

You’ve Earned It / YEI (www://, an online multi-platform media company, is the brand synonymous with South African over-60s – baby boomers, seniors, pensioners and retirees.  YEI, an invaluable resource for seniors, is dedicated to serving the South African senior market and features articles, competitions and ticket-give-aways that are of interest to South African over-60s.  

The biggest Directory for seniors in South Africa

With hundreds of Directory listings, all of which feature savings, benefits and value-adds, You’ve Earned It is the biggest and most comprehensive Directory for South African over-60s.  The savings and benefits sourced and communicated by YEI make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of seniors.  These savings, benefits and value-adds are built into a unique portfolio that forms a one-stop destination for this target market and are aimed at making surviving and thriving in retirement possible. 

A wealth of experience in terms of content marketing in the Seniors market

YEI has built a platform of immense value for Seniors, and has nearly 6 years of experience when it comes to content marketing in the Seniors market.  YEI provides the most relevant, informative, interesting, up-to-date and meaningful content to its readers.  This gives readers the opportunity to save some hard-earned pension, enrich their lives and read about issues that are specific to them.