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Here are YEI’s Top Ten Fun Facebook posts for  2023

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mick jaggerwhat were you chased by
Mick Jagger videoWhat were you chased by?
This video went viral on the YEI Facebook page in August and had over 2 million views.
What do you think, did it deserve all the attention?
This was a very popular post with readers sharing that they had been chased by geese, guineafowl, elephant, ostrich, swans and a snake.
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south african heritagecan you find the heart
HeritageFind the heart
On Heritage Day, we asked YEI Facebook fans to tell us that they were South African without actually using the words “South African”On World Heart Day we asked our readers to find the hidden heart, can you see it?
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song of your youthst patricks day
SongSt Patricks day
We asked our readers which song reminded them of their youth. What was yours?On the 17th of March we gave some interesting facts about St Patrick’s day
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What am ITupperwear
Can you guess what I am?We all grew up with tupperwear, what item do you still have?
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how many legscutlery
What is your answer? Do you still use your cutlery that looks like this?
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