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Here are YEI’s Top Facebook posts for  2021 

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top facebook posts 2021


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This video received over 1 million views on the YEI Facebook page resulting in a lot of discussion and controversy. The main topic was "Is this a Ferrari as mentioned in the Video or a Lamborgini" We invite you to have a look and give us your opinion!
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Facebook top 10Facebook top posts
Four CatsPaper dolls
Once I saw three cats....Oh wait there were 4, our FB fans loved looking for this moggy. Can you see it?Did you play with dolls like these? Many of our readers did and many more wanted to find them to give them to their grandchildren
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Best of Facebook 2021Best of Facebook posts
Heritage DayWhat are you called
Tell us you are south African without saying those words. We will begin ... Pap and wors. Gwampy, Gandi, Gwonny, Gangster, Ouma, Farmor, Computer Granny, Gogo, Goose, DoDo and Pops. These were a few of the many names shared by our readers
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Do you Remember?What do you like cooking that is no longer “in fashion”
Love it or hate it, we all remember it. Do you remember what it was called..Suet sandwiches, Scotch eggs and creamed haddock, Jelly snow, Bubble and squeek, Roly Poly and Old lady in a blanket. These are a few of the many our readers shared with us and we even got a few recipes. Do you remember any of these dishes?
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Facebook post topFB top posts
SeenagersDescribe this in one word
Love being a seenager.. brilliant way of putting it – the majority of our readers agreed with this sentiment.You have to read the comments to appreciate them! What you you say?
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Facebook top posts
Did you own a pair of these?Memory
Did you have a pair of these shoes? We don’t think there were many women who didn’t own a pair of these.Do you struggle to remember? Gotta laugh at our old age!
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Can you Find?
This was one of many very popular “Can you find” series. Can you find the dog?
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