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You’ve Earned It readers –

Share your memories with us of the
Doll House drive-in restaurant/roadhouse
which was located opposite the Green Point lighthouse in Cape Town.

Legendary milkshakes and burgers
– the best meeting place in town at that time!


Doll House


  • Dawn Slabber says:

    I remember having many meals at the Doll’s House and while eating the first half of a toasted sandwich, losing the other half to one of the many sea gulls who had become expert at snatching up the other half and whatever else was left outside on the tray. We soon learned to take the whole meal into the car as soon as the tray was affixed to the car window.

  • Louisa van der Westh says:

    The best tomato sandwich after a swim at Seapoint swimming bath.

  • Charlotte du Toit says:

    All the teenagers used to go there on Saturdays to have a burger and a milkshake . I still havent found a milkshake like those !

  • Charlotte du Toit says:

    Used to be the place with the hest burgers and double thick milkshakes . Have not found the same yet

  • Ekin Kench says:

    My dad used to take us to the Doll House as children ( this was in the late 1940’s ) and it was the greatest treat! I loved the way the metal tray was clipped to dad’s window and being passed the packages of delicious gooey toasted cheese sandwiches and thick hot slap chips! The milkshakes were quite divinely pink and sweet – we did not speak much, just munched away happily and sometimes there was a sea mist and the foghorn would give its sudden loud moan, adding to the excitement of the evening!

  • ben petzer says:

    Bachelor in 60″s lived up the road in Glengariiff Road, Dolls House was my second kitchen.

  • Anton says:

    Trying to find a friend. His father was Ramond Thorpe . I’m looking for his son Freddy Thorpe. Ramond used to work at the doll house in 1984 . I was 10 years old. Please contact me if anyone knows his whereabouts.
    0798199671 anton

  • Isabel Strydom says:

    Can’t help Anton but random Doll House comment – my parents were friends with original American owners. Our family cookbook still has authentic Doll House recipes for apple pie and meringue pie

  • Tina says:

    Hi. Can someone help. I was told my Grandfather worked as a chef at doll house in the late 1040’s. His name was Henry Nelson. He past from a
    Drowning in December 1049. Any info would be so

    • Marilynh says:

      Hi Tina

      YEI has put the word out there – on the YEI platform. If anyone comes back with anything, we will get back to you.

      Regards, YEI

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