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Covid-19 has had a drastic effect on all of our lives, but the poor have been impacted the most. 

Here is an opportunity where one can make a huge difference


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Breadline Africa is a South African-based charity – a non-profit organisation with heart.  Breadline Africa supports early childhood development and seniors alike.  If you are wanting to help out and make a difference, read on..

Since the announcement of lockdown, Breadline Africa immediately focused all of their efforts toward emergency feeding programmes in poor communities to alleviate the hunger. Breadline Africa is currently supporting 42 projects.  They  started by supporting 2 kitchens and have ended up supporting 64,000 meals a week (4 provinces but mainly the Western Cape).  They plan to continue to fundraise for this until the ECDs re-open.  

We always carry dog food with us as we go, so any stray dogs or starving dogs, also get fed.😊


Breadline Africa


Although much of Breadline Africa’s efforts are geared towards the critical needs in the early childhood development (ECD) and education sector, the elderly are also being assisted in various communities.

The children are fed first, and then the elderly.  The elderly are asked not to join the queues of children so as to avoid the potential risk of infection.  Their food is kept to one side to hand out to them. At some of Breadline Africa’s sites, the food it taken to the houses of the elderly, blind or infirm. The pictures in this article are all taken from sites in Delft, Boland and Bellavue Farm.


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Breadline Africa was established in Cape Town in 1993. Marion Wagner, Breadline Africa Director said “ We are also registered as a charity in the UK. We recognised that a great deal of grassroots development had to take place as a part of the nation-building process, and that government structures would not be in a position to provide all of the resources to facilitate this process. Attention was given to the needs of community-based organisations and we raised and distributed in excess of R117-million to more than 330 organisations.  More recently, Breadline Africa has focused its attention on infrastructure projects benefiting early childhood development (ECDs – providing educational support to children between the ages of one and six years), and children and youth in literacy. Today, we are one of the biggest suppliers of infrastructure for education in South Africa and have delivered more than 500 containers and prefabricated units to pre- and primary schools across the country”.

Ways to help

Click here to see the variety of ways in which you can help out.  Alternatively email Breadline Africa for further details.


Contact details


Breadline Africa website:

Breadline Africa Facebook page:


Tel #   021 418 6406


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