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Travel hacks that assist the savvy senior traveller

By August 22, 2018One Comment

If you are an adventurous senior traveller,
you are probably of the view that age matters only if you’re a cheese,
and that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
So to make those travels even happier and ch-easier,
check out these fun, tried and trusted travel hacks!


senior traveller


Stopping off in Dubai?

If you are travelling on the rand, you may need to mortgage your house for a meal or coffee at the restaurants.  After a recent stopover in Dubai, where two take-away cappuccinos cost close to R200, and a breakfast for two cost close to R700, we were advised to rather buy coffee from the vending machines.   You’ll spend about a quarter of the price!   These steep prices are a bit much for the “poor” South African senior traveller!  Don’t forget to change some money at the currency exchangers situated all over the terminals.  They don’t mind trading in a small amount of money, especially when they know it’s for a coffee!!


Need to go it alone? 

Jennifer Huber is a gal who lives her life solo.  Her motto in life is “travelling alone, not lonely”.  She encourages other solo baby boomers to shed their fears and travel solo, shrug off their insecurities and indulge in a life of adventure and discovery.  If you know of a travel agent who doesn’t charge an arm or a leg for solo travel, please send them YEI’s way..!!!


How about free accommodation?

Travelling on the rand is not for the feint-hearted!  But throw in some free accommodation, and you’re A for Away!  Ditch one of the biggest travel budget items by staying with family and friends.  Try couchsurfing, house swapping, housesitting, volunteering.  Try working on a farm.  Operate a lighthouse!  (Yes!  Google it!). 


Need to pay for your travels?

How about renting out your home while you’re away?  There is generally a big uptake on furnished rentals and you can score on a higher rental if you take off in the merry season.  Renting out your home may need a fair bit of preparation, but could certainly foot your travel bill!  You might even get lucky and land up with some extra positive cash flow!


Pack light – save money, time and stress

Something I battle with, as my not one, but two constant hairdryer companions have to come with me!  But I am assured that packing light when travelling reduces financial expense, physical stress and emotional anguish!  You become a happy traveller who is easily able to navigate the alleys and cobblestone streets of the world.  Just don’t forget the ever-important medication and second pair of glasses. 


Splurge less and be happy

YEI’s core business is discounts, savings and benefits for South African over-60s, so we need to suggest that you research senior savings in the countries you are visiting.   We’ll be doing that for you, but all in good time.  If you need to know now, google it!  You will be amazed at the dozens of discounts you can pick up – from Groupon for dining and entertainment, senior rail travel discounts in Hungary, Canada and several countries in Europe.  English Heritage and National Trusts in the UK.  Happy travellers can snag a seniors discount at many sights and events.  Check if you are eligible for a discount as a “foreigner” in the country you are visiting, and remember that senior discounts are often called concessions or pensioner rates. 



And don’t keep it to yourself!
If you have decided to sell the empty nest,
pulled the ripcord on the daily grind
and thrown caution to the wind in order to travel,
share your travel stories with You’ve Earned It – we’d love to hear them!



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