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The YEI team chatted to Annekie one of the co-founders to find out more about Hola Tourism Network.


Why did you feel the need to establish Hola Tourism Network?

The Hola tourism network is a fulfillment of a dream and preserving a legacy. Hola started as a support group for small tour operators and on a tragic day in 2014 a founding member of Hola passed away. Annekie, Henry and Johan decided to keep the dream of support going by completing all the tours booked by our dear friend. Completing the tours for 2014 and making sure that a positive legacy is left behind. The demand for these tours were recognised and we realised if planned correctly the senior citizens tours can be placed in the international off seasons and a service to our seniors for positive benefit on both sides.

When did you establish it?

Full services of senior tours have been promoted from 2015 with about 15-20 tours per year

Why do you promote these tours for pensioners?

The promotion of these tours is to supply a service and cost-effective tours to people that don’t always have the support to enjoy a holiday, but still have the ability to travel.

What makes you different to other tour companies who would like to target pensioners?

The Hola tours are different to most tours as it is a door-to-door service with everything included, there are no extras or hidden costs. No large groups (max 7) and personal service by professional registered tourist guides makes sure that our guests enjoy a tailor-made holiday.

What makes you decide on a specific tour, is it based purely on demand is it is also seasonal such as Namaqualnd flowers etc.

As South Africa is a large country and most senior citizens would have already been to the large tourism venues. Hola seeks out the great but lesser-known places to do tours too. Certain seasonal tours are always in demand and well catered for.

What are your plans for 2023/2024?

Plans for the coming year is to commit to great service to the senior citizens of SA by supplying well researched tailor-made tours for all to enjoy.




variety of tours with hola tourism network


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