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Who would have thought that a tennis ball
should be the first item a senior should pack
into their carry-on luggage?


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Image by Zoltan Matuska from Pixabay


This article “Why every senior should fly with a tennis ball”
published by Over Sixty
in Australia caught our eye! 

Why on earth would a senior even think about flying with a tennis ball! 

And yet, it all makes complete sense!


The Sun reports, that tennis balls can be the perfect solution to in-flight discomfort by helping you deal with some of the most common negative side-effects of flying. Tight muscles and joint pains in hard-to-reach places are easily dealt with by applying the ball to wherever feels uncomfortable and massaging the pain away.

Popping a tennis ball on the floor is a great way to work out any nagging pain you might be feeling in your feet, and slipping one between yourself and your seat is the perfect way to deal with any pains that might be emerging in your back.

A surgeon from the London Orthopedic Clinic told The Daily Star: “By taking a tennis ball or a massager on the plane this will help increase circulation”.


What good advice!  I’ll be doing the same next time I travel on an aeroplane!


Do you have any great travel tips for your fellow YEI members?


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