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In March, we celebrate International Women’s Month. 

And ladies,
Mango and YEI would like to celebrate you, exclusively. 

This is an opportunity where we can celebrate your achievements and the important role you play
in your family and/or community.


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My goodness – 2019 is in its 3rd month already!

Where is this year rushing off to?

One would think that at our ‘mature’ age, the year would drag along but, it seems, it might actually be doing the opposite.  Anyway, we are here now.

Did you know that March is celebrated as International Women’s Month? What’s that all about? Well, this is the month where the world pauses to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and successes of women in various sectors of society, including economically, politically and in any other way you can think of.

As you know, historically, women have been overshadowed by the men – or patriarchy, as its known, for many reasons. Yet many women have been contributing immensely to society.

In fact, in this day and age, more and more women are raising their hand and gradually becoming influential in sectors that were ‘exclusively’ male dominated, some 100 years ago.


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So, ladies, this month the world celebrates you, exclusively. You do not have to be rich or famous to be considered an outstanding woman. Most of us have carried along quietly, shining the light in our little corners. You look at the empty nest you live in today or the grandkids when they visit and you know that you have given it your best shot, under the circumstances.

So in celebrating ‘the woman’, let’s look at some of the day-to-day, ordinary things that women can brag about.

  1. Firstly, without a woman, there would be no humans to speak of, so how about we start there.
  2. Women actually DO ask for directions and don’t feel small about it and this saves time. So much time.
  3. Yes, we have 6 senses.
  4. Women live longer. That’s a fact. So we are actually a better investment for the country.
  5. We can actually call each other attractive in public, without some homophobic person giving us awkward looks.
  6. A flat tyre on the highway (or anywhere) often gets fixed. Not by us. Of course women can change tyres, but let the men do it, anyway.
  7. We can adjust our height and enhance natural beauty at will (READ heels and make-up).
  8. We are told we have the power to destroy even the most powerful men. But, we choose to build. Behind every successful man is a …woman.


So there you go –
just a few out of a million reminders of how great women are.


And that, since time immemorial,
women have raised whole families single-handedly,
when their husbands have passed, or simply left.


So, to all the ladies reading this,
You are great, you are loved and we celebrate you.





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YEI:  Don’t be modest, don’t be shy! 

There are millions of reasons why we women are great!  

In the comments section below, tell us a little something about you –
we love to get to know our readers! 

Or tell us about a special friend or family member
who you think should be celebrated for whatever reason…


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  • Thea Joubert says:

    I take my hat off to my younger sister. She raised her son on her own and supported her ex husband instead of him supporting them. She made sure her son was brought up with education and keeps on helping him to grow. She still has time to help out with the Voortrekkers in her area. She is a teacher of note. Spending her free time doing scrapbooking. Quilting that takes up hours of her time. Made sure we all have a quilt that will be a family pride. My sis even made sure she has a good roof over her head. All by herself. Facing ups and downs never got to her. She stayed strong and survived and did not let anything get her down. I love my little sis. She makes blankets for the elderly and ensures that they have knee blankets for the approaching winter.

    • Marilynh says:

      Hi Thea

      What a wonderful woman to celebrate! She has had hard times but has overcome them. It is women like this that we all admire and celebrate during Women’s Month. Thank you for sharing your sister’s story.

      Warm regards, YEI

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