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The year 2020 aka The Decade of Healthy Ageing
– time to reflect, review and think differently.

Time to step up to review your wellbeing,
your health literacy and your inner circle!




So, this is not only a new year but it is a new decade! Wow! It feels like we are the ‘chosen’ generation, lucky enough to see the year 2020.

Year 2020 huh? Has an intriguing ring about it.

You know for some of us so called ‘golden oldies’, there was a time when the year 2020 felt like a thousand years away. I for one always thought I would have long gone off to the angels by 2020 but hey, here we are.

So, this year, I thought we should think differently. Not only is it a new year, but it’s a new decade, so we are doing, reviewing and thinking through things very differently.

So, first of all this year, I am doing away with any list of resolutions.

Let’s face it, most of us hardly get halfway through that list anyway. Last year, I had 13 items on my list, I achieved 2 in 12 months. Two!

So this year, or should I say, this decade, it’s time to do something different.

For starters, how about evaluating the people in your life? Seriously, have a review of those who are close to you – your inner circle – and most importantly, whose advice you take seriously.  This is essential to your mental health wellbeing!


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The truth is, all of us are the sum total of our decisions and the people who influence us to take them.

So this year, I don’t have a list but rather a question: “Who do you listen to? Why do you listen to them?”

In my case, my eldest daughter’s advice is always welcome. That’s because she has done really well for herself generally. She is well travelled, is raising two wonderful boys and continues to progress steadily in her life. So, she has earned her way to being Chief Adviser in my kingdom. Plus, she never passes up a chance to spoil me with her Mango Go Rewards every time she purchases her Mango flight ticket.

The rest of my kids, I absolutely love them.  However, they seem to struggle way too much to offer me any advice. If anything, I’m the one who always has to offer loads of advice.  I also offer prolonged periods of babysitting and grandma taxi duties which I do lovingly and without complaint, as I adore my grandchildren.   

So in 2020, let’s truly review the people closest to our hearts; the role they play and value they bring.

Most of us have become collateral damage only because we have the wrong person dishing out ‘insights’.

Any new friend coming to play ‘Dr. Phil’ in my life must first pass an entry exam. And for good measure, how about we get Dr. Phil to set it?

At my age, I have no time to be coasting around. I need meaningful relationships where I can laugh, love, have fun – people with whom I can enjoy a glass of wine!

So, let’s get cracking and review.

And while you are reviewing, if you need time off to think clearly, book yourself a ticket on today!

 In my case, I would happily like to announce that I am off to Zanzibar in a week’s time. My bags are packed and my Mango seat booked.

So until we chat next time, have a splendid start to 2020, and I wish you all the love, laughter and excellent health.  And don’t forget – it’s time to reflect, review and think differently.   


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