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Greetings to SAMVOZA members
from You’ve Earned It / YEI !


SAMVOZA News 24 Aug 22



Greetings SAMVOZA members 


You’ve Earned It/YEI is a digital media platform for South African 60-plussers.  YEI features great, relevant, informative and meaningful content PLUS great deals, savings and benefits all specifically geared at SA retirees, pensioners, and  baby boomers.   And we haven’t forgotten the youngsters – the 50-plussers – lots for you to read, digest and action!!

YEI is collaborating with SAMVOZA to bring you a variety of articles, news, views, awesome competitions and much, much more…

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Clicks your diabetes partnerexecutor of a will
Clicks - Your partner in Diabetes managementThe 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing an Executor
Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces. Clicks Clinics provide a range of diabetes services to help you manage this condition. What questions should you be asking before you decide on an Executor for your will?
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pensioners listening to a podcast
How to save and share your memories, life stories, thoughts, pictures and videos generationallyWelcome to YEI podcasts
Are your memories scattered across social media?
Are they recorded at all?
Wouldn’t you like to share all your memories in audio and video format with family and future family members?
Enter Capsll!
Find out about this incredible new app,
where you can make all of this happen!
We help you with the tech!
YEI and Mariette Snyman, award-winning journalist, have collaborated to bring you monthly podcasts. The purpose of the podcasts is to share with you, the highs and lows, the ups and downs and the challenges experienced in The South African World of Seniors. The monthly podcasts are free. Mariette Snyman will chat with an array of people, including experts in a variety of fields and areas, who wish to use their training and professional experience to inform, assist and inspire you.
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hot off the press in october
YEI unpacks two brand-new “hot off the press” Great Deals, plus more favouritesHot off the press in November
SA Seniors love Great Deals, Discounts and Specials. YEI is delighted to bring you two brand-new, hot off the press savings and benefits, plus a great selection of favourites this NovemberYou’ve Earned It / YEI is always delighted to welcome new organisations offering pensioner deals, benefits and savings. Check them out here..!
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SayingsWhat do you think?
What sayings do kids nowdays not understand? We had the following "Look for the number in the phone book", "my Pen pal sent a letter" and "turn on the eight track"This Granny is really innovative!!
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WIN with YEI

YEI has partnered with the fantastic and extremely popular Galileo Open-Air Cinema.  Venues are varied from Kirstenbosch Gardens to stunning wine farm venues.  The recipe for a perfect summer evening out – A-list movies, food trucks, blankets and star-studded evenings! Bliss!  The first winners have already enjoyed a lovely night out! YEI members can win tickets to Cape Town’s most popular outdoor experience.  Click here to have a look at this Amazing Competition and don’t forget to enter!

The World of Seniors – news and views from around the world

Interesting news items and articles from around the World especially for our YEI senior audience.
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Sign up for a WhatsApp group in your province.  You will be one of the first to hear about hot-off-the-press YEI offerings, news, great deals and savings and fabulous articles specifically geared at SA 60-plussers.  If you would like to join one of the YEI WhatsApp Groups – all you need to do is to click on the relevant province link below. (Remember you have to be viewing this on your mobile device to do this or send us a message on 060 631 0715 and we will join for you)


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 Keep well, keep healthy, keep safe.  Until the next time..


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team




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