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You’ve Earned It/YEI places the spotlight on
pensioner businesses – #support pensioners.

Support Karen Duffall-Canham who is an artist who paints mostly in oils on canvas and believes that the Internet is the key to a whole new metaverse!


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Karen is a 69 year old artist living in Port Elizabeth/Gqebhera in the Eastern Cape.

“I paint mostly in oils on canvas and have taken art lessons with various teachers in the past.  I also did graphic design at Michaelis Art School  before I realized that fine art was my calling”.

Karen has displayed her work at art shops and in-house at her art teacher’s establishement and has sold extremely moderately.  “There is no typical day for me as, since covid 19, I do all my own housework and have a husband and two cats to look after.  I also do a bit of online work when I can, unrelated to my art.  So it’s a juggling act!”

“I have worked in the corporate and retail worlds over the years and recently retired at 67 years old. Now I have more time for my artistic pursuits.   I found a site online called “South African” It is worldwide and run by a Saffer living in Canada who also runs her own art gallery there”.

“There are over 65 000.00 artworks on this site and many artists.  So stiff competition.  I am interested in what gets sold as there’s no accounting for taste.  But it is always good to see what is out there”.

“Remote working has made it easier for pensioners to get exposure on the internet and one should get a tech whizz to help you get set up or try learning how to do most things from You Tube – its very helpful.  Just persevere.  Internet is the key to a whole new metaverse!”


Kudos to Karen Duffall-Canham!
We agree!  Perseverance is the name of the game!
And if you browse the YEI website, you’ll find much information
– all available to YEI pensioners at no cost!


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